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Outfits & Reviews

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Let’s face it. Nobody gives you a no-bullshit review like a blogger. So if it’s an honest, real-girl product review you seek, you might also want to check out my reviews on with The Fab Bag and Garnier. Drop me a line to see how you can get your brand / product on Bombay Bubble here.


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You’ve probably seen me mulling about, Champagne and camera in hand, at the usual fashion events. Next time you do, come say hello. Counting the above, Bombay Bubble has also covered events for FAT MU, S.Oliver, Swarovski, etc. across my blog or social media channels.


Other Services

(a) Writing

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a writer by profession and have written for magazines such as Grazia and Cosmopolitan, while also having blogged for Elle. I have also taught a course in Fashion Writing at the Whistling Woods International Neeta Lulla School of Fashion and have written social media content for brands like Cointreau, Remy Martin, Stylista and HELLO! magazine. I regularly contribute articles to the POPxo blog network and to the BeBeautiful blog.

If you’d like to request a copy of my CV or have me write articles, regular coloumns, social media content or blog posts for your website, please get in touch with me here:


(b) Advertising

Guess what? You can now advertise on Bombay Bubble! So if your brand is looking for an innovative advertising idea you won’t find elsewhere, you’ve come to the right blog! Drop me an email to find out how things work around here.


(c) Lifestyle posts

Though Bombay Bubble started out as primarily a personal style website, I have now expanded my horizons to include travel, hospitality, decor, technology and wedding posts, while still maintaining a personal touch. Get in touch with me to see how we can work together to create a cool, interesting post everyone will love!

You Should Probably Know

1. My readers are important to me. I never blog about a brand or product I don’t think they’ll enjoy using or shopping at.

2. All opinions are my own, and though I may be paid to collaborate with brands on particular projects, I would never mislead a reader with a less than honest opinion, and always announce in a blog post when I will be partnering with a brand.

3. I keep my integrity my only posting things I genuinely love and turn down majority of the opportunities / items offered to me because they don’t fit in with my personal style.

4. All editorial content that goes live on my blog undergoes a strict filtration process and a high level of quality control, and is written by me and me alone. Bombay Bubble does not accept external contributors or guest posts (yes, I am a bit of a control freak).

5. All photography has been undertaken by my carefully selected team of photographers or myself. We work hard to ensure we provide an aesthetically pleasing, visually enriching experience for the Bombay Bubble readers. All pictures have been duly credited.