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In case you didn’t know, my name is Anushka and I’m a twenty something (okay, almost-thirty-something) fashion writer who grew up in Mumbai, India. I started blogging eight years ago, in an attempt to develop and maintain a creative outlet after university and before I started work at a fashion magazine.

Fast forward eight years and I couldn’t be further away from where I started or where I thought I’d be.

For starters, I now live in rainy Manchester with my husband who I met off Tinder and our two poodle-cross fur babies, Poppy and Millie. I split my time between blogging, traveling and running my own startup social media content company, Algorithm Social.

In addition to all of that, I absolutely love managing my pet project, Midsize Collective, an Instagram account where I repost images of fabulously dressed women between size 10 and 18 who make up the majority of the British population, but are incredibly underrepresnted on social and mainstream media. Together with all my midsize babes, I’m trying to not only provide styling inspiration, but make social media a more positive space to spend time, get rid of stigma by starting coversations about acceptance and body positivity and help girls struggling with eating disorders, low self esteem and the mental health issues that arise as a result.

I also volunteer as a personal stylist at Smart Works Manchester, a charity that helps women in need go back to work by setting them up with fabulous interview outfits and coaching so they can start an exciting, independent new chapter of their lives like the #Girlbosses and megababes they are. Overall, some pretty empowering, rewarding stuff that I’m hella passionate about.

I’d love to know what you think of my blog, so shoot me an email at anushka@mascaraeverysaturday.com or shout me on social media. I’m @MascaraEverySaturday and @MidsizeCollective on Instagram and @MascaraEverySat on Twitter.

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Anushka Moore is an almost-thirty-something blogger who moved across the world when the love she met on Tinder put a ring on it. She now lives in Manchester with her husband and her two little Poodle-cross fur children.

Her day job includes running her own social media content company and is the founder of popular Instagram account, Midsize Collective.

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