5 Outfits You’ll See At Your Office Christmas Party

Its officially our time of year, party people! Can I get a whoop whoop? While I’m sure you’ve already got your main Christmas and NYE party looks sorted with saucy little low neck / high slit numbers, an important social event that doesn’t often get a lot TLC in the wardrobe department is the office Christmas party, especially if its being hosted on work premises.

In my opinion, a work Christmas party is an essential bonding experience for colleagues, a great opportunity to get to know a superior better and form lasting relationships that could potentially have far-reaching effects on your career. And while I’m all for individual style and self-expression, this is one time when paying a little extra attention and finding just the right outfit could go a long way. Read on to know what the most popular outfit choices you’ll see at your office Christmas party are, and what you, smart girl, could be wearing instead.

Exactly What They Wore To Work That Day + Reindeer Antlers / Santa Hat

Usually worn by: Your boss (aka too busy/successful to make an effort), by those who pretend to be a lot busier than they are or those who take work (and themselves) more seriously than a party

You’ll probably find them: In a corner talking about that new project they’ve just been assigned to with whoever will listen

Most likely to: Suck up to their boss’ boss. Leave early to meet a ‘deadline’

A Witty Christmas Jumper

Usually worn by: A lovable, geeky, class-clown-like colleague with a wicked sense of humour, who doesn’t take life too seriously

You’ll probably find them: By the food

Most likely to: Invent a weird game. Have a few too many, break out some questionable dance moves and fall face-first into the food table at the end of the night. Have their antics be fondly remembered for the rest of the year and perhaps even given a name

A Red Bodycon Dress

Usually worn by: Little Miss Life of the Party

You’ll probably find them: Bumping and grinding on the dancefloor or crying in the toilets after 11pm

Most likely to: Pour shots into everyone’s mouths, suggest an after-party, flirt with somebody super inappropriate

Simple Black Shift Dress

Usually worn by: The ‘work mum’ who is lovely to everyone and probably spent the past few weeks organising said party

You’ll probably find them: Handing out Christmas cards or flitting about from group to group making sure everyone’s had enough to eat

Most likely to: Call people taxis at the end of the night while simultaneously soaking up tidbits of gossip to share on Monday

Jeans And A ‘Nice Top’

Usually worn by: Your work BFF

You’ll probably find them: By your side all night, secretly judging people and exchanging eye rolls and telepathic BFF glances

Most likely to: Confess to having a secret crush on a boss, text her ex even though she said she was TOTALLY over him, need you to hold her hair back as she brings up all the wine she drank out of the cab on the way home

And then there’s you – the cool, smart one whose life totally doesn’t resemble the ‘before’ half of chick flick. Or so you can seem to all the office notables in attendance, with the right outfit. You want to appear classy, confident and like you’ve got your sh*t together and in my opinion, a metallic midi skirt with a cold shoulder top is the perfect way to do exactly that and stand out from the crowd at the same time. Sophisticated, glamorous and festive with subtle hints of skin, this look says everything you need to, without your uttering a word, so you don’t have to worry about choking on your Prosecco, mince pie or pig in a blanket. Now go on a little spree, girlfriend. You deserve it for all that hard work you do! Happy holidays and see you at the next post!


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