How To Find A Sold Out Item For Your Work Wardrobe

How To Find A Sold Out Item For Your Work Wardrobe

Have you ever had your heart set on an item but thought you’ll think about it and come back for it later, but when you do, it has sold out? Sure you have. We’ve all been there. It is even more frustrating when you can’t afford it at the time, but when you can, it is no longer available and it feels as if you and the item are star-crossed lovers and the whole universe is conspiring against you.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to tell the universe that it is messing with the wrong lady on a mission. Here are my tips for finding an elusive item when it has flown off the shelves:

Check on it

If you use iOs, find the item online and at the bottom of the Safari page, click the ‘share’ button and say ‘Add to Home Screen’. Then, proceed to check it once or twice a day to see if it comes back in stock.


Look in possible hiding places

Ofen, when a store brings back popular pieces, you can expect to find them in the ‘back in stock’ section, so keep checking this regularly. Also, sometimes the brought back product may show up in the ‘New In’, ‘What’s New’ or ‘Bestsellers’ section. Sometimes the entire Back In Stock section can be hidden within the New In section, so be sure to check there.


Sign up for email alerts

Often, when an item is out of stock, the brand gives you an option to receive an email when the item comes back in stock. Definitely sign up for this as it will save you the stress of having to manually check every day. Also, chances are, if enough people express an interest, the brand is bound to bring back a hot seller as that’s where the moolah is!

Check the in-store availability

Brands sometimes offer you the option of checking the item’s in-store availability online, so type in your postcode or street address and they will provide you with a list of stores closest to you, and which have the item in stock. After you have this information, run like the wind to the store!


Tweet the brand

Fashion brands are usually very responsive on Twitter, most have moved their customer service departments to the social media platform entirely. Try asking them if they know if or when the product will be back in stock.


Be prepared to go up or down a size

This may not work if it is a pair of trousers or a very fitted item of clothing, but with certain items, you can get away with getting one size up for an oversized look or have it one size down to fit a little snug. Give the brand all three sizes as an option when you are asking after the item, so you have the most chance of finding one.


Ask a sales assistant in-store

Sales assistants are usually polite, helpful and genuinely want you to find the product you love. Keep a screenshot of the item and the product code handy on your phone so as to not waste their time while you’re fumbling around waiting for the page to load. If they don’t have it in stock in that particular store, as if they could check their database to see if any stores around the country have it. If they do, they can order it to the store in your size or even have it sent to your home if you pay for it then.

Check out the competition

Certain brands, for example, New Look, Boohoo, etc. may be housed at multi-brand websites like Asos and Zalando. The product may be available there, so be sure to check. Also, a lot of high street stores often stock very similar pieces, so keep at eye out for the next best thing. For example, I fell in love with these Public Desire boots but when they sold but in my size and wouldn’t come back in stock, I found very similar ones for cheaper here.


Befriend a sales assistant

If you’ve been in a few times and know a particular sales assistant on a friendly basis, or if you chat to them nicely and develop a good rapport, ask if you can leave your number and if they could drop you a text if the item happens to come back in stock. However, make sure you keep up the relationship as it isn’t nice to use people just to get the product you want and then not make any effort after. Be nice.


Enlist the help of your friends

Your friends love you and want what’s best for you, right? Either that or they owe you a favour and now’s the time to cash in. If it’s a high street chain, ask your friends to check in the store nearest to them whenever they are out at the shops.

Check eBay and Depop

ebay and Depop are THE places to find a sold out item. Only problem is, if it is an item that sold out recently (this season), chances of you finding it on here are slim to none. You’re best looking a month or more after the item has sold.


Have you had an experience with a product that’s been sold out everywhere? I’d love to hear your story! Share it with me in the comments below.




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