Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Under £30, £50, £100

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Under £30, £50, £100

Its been a year and a half since I wrote this post about being the worst gift-giver ever. And yes, okay, maybe last Christmas. turned out to be a bit of a catastrophe when James accidentally found his main present a couple of days before Christmas and it turned out I bought the wrong model of turntable. Long story short, it wasn’t compatible with any of his other tech. So much for that clever idea. I didn’t have enough time to return it and get him something else, so all he was left with was a few measly stocking stuffers. I felt like the worst wife in the world.

But, hey, you live and you learn, right? Which is why, this year I resolved to get better at gift buying and giving for the people I love. And you know what? I think I’ve done a fairly good job. So good, in fact, that I actually managed to put together a half decent guide to Christmas gift ideas that I think would be perfect for everyone from your BFF to that uncle you only see once a year on Christmas Day.

This Gift Guide is extra special because either me or someone in my family owns almost all of these products or has gifted something very similar in the recent past that has been well received. So you know that 98% of the Christmas gift ideas listed have been tried, tested and recommended by the Moores and those near and dear to us. Also, it is under £100 (with most items coming up under £30 and £50, so there’s something for every budget) because as I’m sure you’ll know Christmas can get HELLA EXPENSIVE if you’re not careful!

So without further ado, let’s start with gifts for the women in your life. Scroll through to the the middle if you’re looking for gifts for men or to the bottom for couple gifts. PS, just so you know, there are no affiliate links in this post so I won’t be making money off any of your purchases. I have, however, included products I have been introduced to recently and loved.


  1. Benefit’s Travel Sized Makeup Bags
    A great Christmas gift idea for a beauty lover or frequent traveler. Benefit has launched mini travel-sized makeup bags with different themes / looks stuffed with tiny Benefit products to achieve the look. I took this bad boy with me to Greece and loved it! See the other themes / looks here.
  2. Crown & Glory Lips Beret
    I actually bought one of these in pink and suggested that the owner make it in a few other colours as it was so cute. Well, she took my little reccomendation on board and now they come in practically every colour of the rainbow to match every outfit!
  3. Capture Your Style Book by Aimee Song
    Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with all things Instagram and is always snap-snap-snapping away everything from their outfits to their meals. Help them take their Insta photography to the next level with this book filled with the most amazing, game-changing tips. I should know – I own it and practise so many of them on a daily basis!
  4. Oliver Bonas Rose Gold Decorative Alphabet Letter
    I have one of these in my bedroom back home and I think it is the perfect Christmas gift idea because it looks great in any corner of anyone’s home.
  5. Free The Tipple Book
    Kickass cocktails inspired by iconic women? Couldn’t think of a more fun girls’ night in, could you? Give your BFF this book and get a date in the diary to make and get tipsy on all of these!
  6. Jonathon Adler Zebra Trinket Dish
    This was the home accessory of the moment with bloggers last year and is still on my Christmas Wish List this year!
  7. Crown & Glory Animal Print Scarves
    I don’t own these (yet) but let’s put it this way – I’d like to! I Iove how fun the print and colours are and that it’d look great on your bag, in your hair or around your neck.


  1. Vintage Magazine
    This Christmas gift idea is a little out of the box. How cool would it be to own a vintage fashion magazine from the year you were born? Gift the fashion-obsessed BFF in your life one of these by simply looking for them on eBay. For example, I typed in ‘1989 Vogue’.
  2. Ted Baker Blush Pink Body Lotion
    This little bottle of body lotion only comes in at £8 but from experience, I can tell you that the texture, moisturisation, fragrance and packaging make it feel so much more expensive. It looks so cute on your dressing table or nightstand, too.
  3. Sheet Mask Set
    Girl, if you haven’t tried Tony Moly products yet, you need to GET. ON. THAT. They’re my favourite ever korean skincare range because not only are their products super affordable, but they’re genuinely great, too. these would make a fun gift for a beauty enthusiast or combined with the Free The Tipple book for the ultimate girls’ night in.
  4. Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco Bottle
    James once bought these as Christmas gifts for the girls on his team and I knew instantly I wanted one, too! They’re the perfect bottle to pop open on a special occasion and they’d look great on display after, too!
  5. Personalised Reese’s Spread Jar
    I was gifted this by Selfridges at their Christmas Preview and got at least 30 DMs about it after sharing it on Insta stories. It has the delicious Reese’s peanut butter flavour but you can spread it on your favourite biscuits, bread or just eat it straight from the jar. Perfect for the choco-holic in your life. These are only available at Selfridges and keep selling out so get your hands on them quick. If they sell out online, try in store. They’ve also been reduced from £7 ro £4. Don’t walk, run! I know I’m stocking up!
  6. 2019 Diary
    Who doesn’t love stationary? Also, who doesn’t love an organised start to the new year? I love how pretty this one looks on your desk, too. Definitely my diary of choice out of all the others I’ve seen.
  7. Makeup-look Pen Knife
    Fully aware that a pen knife is an unconventional stocking filler, but hear me out. I’m not one to ever promote violence, but as a woman, I’ve often been in a late night scenario where I felt like I wish I had a little extra protection to keep baddies away, just in case. I love that this one clips on to your handbag, holds your keys, but also looks harmless as it looks like it could be a tube of lip balm or hand cream. But when you need it to, out it comes in full force. Total spy girl stuff. Plus it makes opening online shopping parcels a lot easier!
  8. Winky Lux Mini Lipstick Collection
    Sorry but are these itty bitty mini lipsticks shaped like capsules not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? I have to admit I caved and bought a box. I figured once the actual product runs out, that the capsules would make for fun flatlay props. It’d make the perfect Christmas gift idea for a beauty lover, someone who can appreciate a novelty item or someone who just likes things made in tiny sizes.


1. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Fragrance
Can one even go wrong with a Jo Malone gift? They always make for a good Christmas gift idea. My personal favourite has been Peony and Bush Suede, but it is very girly. Coming in a very close second is the still feminine but more refined, elegant, fresh and light English Pear and Freesia. Its a no-brainer of a scent that I always have in my makeup bag and I think it would suit any woman, just in case you’re stumped on what scent to go for.
2. Christian Louboutin Tape O’Leil
Christian Louboutin lipsticks have been a favourite among Christmas gift givers and receivers since they launched. However, this year, the brand’s latest beauty launch for the festive season is their line of buttery smooth metallic liquid eyeshadows. They make the perfect gift, especially in the shade ‘Goldomania’ which works well with every holiday party look. I absolutely love mine.
3. Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette
Only THE most sought after makeup palette of the year! I bought one and am personally loving the gorgeous pink and deep berry tones which would work perfectly at any time of the year, depending on the shades you use. You can’t go wrong with this.
4. Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer
I actually got this for Christmas last year and I cannot express just how much this product is THE BOMB. I can’tgo back to cleaning my brushes without it. A total game-changer for any and every woman. Get it or regret it!
5. Daisy London Bark Necklace
Another item I own and love. This pretty necklace has proven to be very popular option among those looking for Christmas gifts this year, possibly because it looks like a little mini wreath. They keep selling out online as a result, so make sure you check back regularly. 
6. Babyliss Curl Pro
I haven’t got this but I WANT IT SO BAD! I mean, did you ever imagine what it would be like if we lived in a time when one could curl their hair automatically, with zero effort? Well, the future is now. Unsure? Watch this handy tutorial before you decide to take the plunge.
7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera
Can’t think of a single girl I know who doesn’t love an Instax camera. It is perfect for parties, festivals and holidays, looks so cute on display and and even comes in this lush rose gold edition.
8. Customised Aspinal Of London Makeup Bag
We actually pooled in and bought this as a leaving present for one of our colleagues. We customised it with her initials and when she got it, and she loved it so much, she cried. Definitely a gift every woman would love to own and use for years to come. They have 20% off on their website now, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge.
9. Kitcase Bee Suitcase
Basically THE suitcase that every single Coronation Street actress worth her weight in cobbles is sporting on her Instagram page. James bought this for me for my birthday this year and I use it ALL THE TIME for blog shoots and overnight trips. Don’t know how I got on without it all this time. Love that it is not only cute and stylish, but also super lightweight and practical. The pink one keeps selling out as soon as they restock, so be sure to check back regularly.

christmas-gift-ideas-for-her-mum-mom-grandma-grandmother1. Bath Caddy with Wine Holder
Being a mum is stress-ful. Show her you appreciate everything she does but still want her to relax and unwind with this stylish caddy that goes over her tub and holds an iPad (for a Netflix binge), a glass of wine and a candle. Now if that doesn’t sound heavenly, I don’t know what does. We bought this for our home and absolutely love ours.
2. The White Company Bathrobe
Nothing says luxury quite like a five star hotel. While this would be expensive to achieve on the regular, allow her to recreate the luxurious feeling in her own home with a fluffy white robe, just like in a fancy hotel. I own one of their robes and love snuggling into it as I make my coffee every morning.
3. Tea For One Set
My mum and mum-in-law both own tea for one sets (where the teapot and teacup are usually a unit that both each hold precisely enough for one cup of tea for one person). Perfect for quiet mornings and catching a little me-time before the day begins.
4. Stoneglow Nature’s Gift Pink Pepper Candle
How absolutely gorgeous is this candle? I love the use of real flowers and pepper in the glass jar and how pretty it looks on display. My mum-in-law and I both own one and love them!
5. Hotel Chocolat Luxury Hot Chocolate
Only the very best for your mum / nan. And that includes treating her to the good stuff. No supermarket hot chocolate for her! This will do well to satisfy that sweet tooth on a cold day!
6. Wool Throw With Carrier
I absolutely love this because it is just so perfect for tossing in your car or carrying on its own to keep you warm on picnics, whilst star-gazing, during drive-through movies, long-haul flights and other activites that could use an extra layer of warmth. Basically, never be caught without one in the UK.
7. The White Company Pompom Slippers
An add on to the robe idea, these are feminine, comfortable, luxurious and much prettier than basic hotel slippers.
8. Radley Millbank Watch
I love this watch because it is a timeless classic that will go with every item in her wardrobe, thanks to it’s neutral colour.
9. Luxury Silk Eye Mask
Make sleeping on planes, trains, buses and hotels more of a glamorous affair with a luxury silk eye mask. PS they also do a navy version for dad / grandpa if you’d like to do a ‘his and hers’ gift.
10. A Freddie’s Flowers Subscription
Here’s a slighly different Christmas gift idea. We have a Freddie’s Flowers subscription and so does my mum-in-law and both households absolutely love it! You can choose how often you receive a bunch of flowers (we do once in two weeks, which we find is just enough). Each bunch of flowers arrives super fresh (still as buds so they last for ages), and is colourful and different every time. They come with detailed instructions on exactly how to arrange and care for them along with Youtube links on how to style them. They also arrive in a protected cardboard box so no harm comes to them. If you love having fresh flowers in the house, or your mum or gran does, sign her up for her initial 2 (£50) or 4 (£100) bouquets, depending on your budget, so she can try out the service for herself. Warning: She will love it.

christmas-gift-ideas-for-him-boyfriend-husband-brother1. The White Company Pajamas
I bought James a pair of The White Company pajamas and he practically lives in them whenever he is in the house! The colours and patterns are classic and they’re roomy and comfortable – just the way pajamas are meant to be. A total win!
2. Concert Tickets
Now this is a Christmas gift idea that works for him as much as it does for you. You can have a cute date night for the both of you. Or, alternatively, you don’t have to go with him to see the heavy metal or EDM band he likes that you don’t. But two tickets under £100 means he can go and have a great time with his mate and you can have a sheet mask, wine and rom com night to yourself.
3. A Classic Jumper
You can’t go wrong with a burgundy jumper this time of year. Manly, but festive and says ‘Christmas’ without the cringe of a Christmas jumper.
4. Molton Brown Shower Gel
We’re huge fans of Molton Brown products in this home (see what I mean here and here). Their products are always so high quality, the fragrances are fantastic and a little goes a long way. James uses a lot of their products, but his favourite is their Silver Birch range of shower gel and bath soak for tired muscles post exercise. I love that the size is just right for tossing in your gym bag, too.
5. Fitbit Charge 2
Now this isn’t the most recent (and subsequently not the most expensive) Fitbit on the market, but it has every function one would need it to really. Its the one I have and I am very happy with mine. It’ll do the trick if the guy in question enjoys a workout. This version is available in 7 different colours and on Next Day Delivery with Amazon Prime.
6. Barbour Wash Bag
I actually bought James this exact wash bag two Christmasses ago and he still uses it every day! It is stylish enough to leave out on display in his bathroom and goes with him on every single trip away. Couldn’t reccomed it more. And just seeing how much use he gets out of it really reinforces that it was a great Christmas gift idea.
7. Boxset / Movie Inspired Merch
Raise your hand if the man you’re buying for is obsessed with Game Of Thrones, Suits or any other TV show? Yup. We’ve all been there. Show him you support his Netflix binge by treating him to a funny piece of merch inspired by his favourite show. You can usually find them in abundance on Amazon by typing in ‘*Name of show* merchandise’.
8. An Overnight Bag
Does the man in question have any travel plans in the pipeline? Treat him to a classic yet stylish overnighter to serve as his home away from home.

christmas-gift-ideas-for-him-boyfriend-husband-brother1. Customized Card Holder
James actually has this exact one and uses it all the time. It is sumer slim and compact and fits easily into one’s trouser pocket without being bulky or visible through the pocket. Not only can you customise it with initials, but you can experiment with colour and go for a cheeky colour blocked one instead of a solid, depending on the recipient’s personality.
2. Nintendo Classic Mini
James bought this for me as a suprise last week and I cannot tell you how excited I am about it! It is so fun to be able to revisit games we all loved as kids (Mario, here’s looking at you!). THE most fun Christmas gift idea ever? I think so!
3. How To Tie A Tie Book
Sometimes, men can be like caterpillars and need a little help transforming from boys to men to gentlemen. Give them a not-so-suble shove in the right direction with this book full of handy grooming and dressing tips.
4. Adidas Slides
When we were in Greece earlier this year, it seemed like every man at our hotel was a member of the Adidas Slides club, James included. They’re such a great gift to get a guy to wear round the house in the summer and on the beach on holiday.
5. Murdock’s Beard Oil
You have to be living under a rock to not know that beard oil is all the rage for men right now. I’m partial to this one because of the sexy bottle / packaging.
6. Red Dead Redemption II
I couldn’t point out an Xbox from a Playstation if someone paid me, but James enjoys his games and assures me that this is the most popular, sought after game for the PS4 this year. Just in case a dude in your life is an avid gamer.
7. Hobby Cufflinks
James loves bicycles and all things bike-riding related, so I got him some bicyle cufflinks last year and they went down a treat. So whether your man likes golf, DJ-ing, football, videogames – pick a hobby and simply search “*Name of hobby* Cufflinks” into NotOnTheHighStreet, to find the perfect pair.
8. Kitcase Bee Suitcase
Yes, this again. Because the dark grey and yellow version is such a perfect gift for a guy on the go. James has this one and I have the pink one and I love the cuteness of a ‘his and hers’ suitcase!

christmas-gift-ideas-for-him-dad-father-grandfather-granddad1.  A Classic Bathrobe
I’ve seen tons of bathrobes for men online, but there’s something about this one that was just classy, sophisticated, manly and a bit different to the rest.
2. Charles Tyrwhitt Pocketsquares
James buys a lot of his work shirts and ties from Charles Tyrwhitt. Come to think of it, they even did his wedding suit so it’s safe to say he loves and trusts the brand. This fun little pocket square set makes such a fun gift and would go with practically any suit, depending on the occasion.
3. Tom Ford Shaving Cream
Sure, every man owns a shaving cream already. But there’s something about having a luxurious one saved for occasions that makes the whole experience just a bit more special. Kind of like a perfume or cologne you save only for special occasions.
4. Hobby Book
It doesn’t have to be this one. Whether your dad is a DIY man or your grandpa loves gardening or they both enjoy a sport or a particular topic, getting them a book on it is always a good shout in my eyes. Just go on to Amazon and type in ‘*Name of hobby* book’. A fun yet practical Christmas gift idea that would make a great stocking filler.
5. A Whiskey Wedge
Know a man who loves a good single malt? Well chances are, you’ll have heard him complain about how quickly the ice melts, diluting his drink. Treat him to a Whiskey Wedge instead – the larger wedge-shaped block of ice melts a lot slower than smaller cubes do and it looks really cool, too!
6. Barbour Scarf
Can’t go wrong with a classic style and a classic brand really. This one’s a no-brainer and I can guarantee he’ll love it. Country Attire, who stock Barbour, have 30% off winter warmers including scarves at the moment.
7. Barbour Slippers
Update his pair of well-worn (aka tired) house slippers with a suave, sophisticated and luxurious Barbour pair. Now that’s what I call fancy footwork and a great Christmas gift idea!
8. A Tool Wrap
Most men I know have a traditional metal cantilever tool box. However, they can get heavy to carry around and a bit cumbersome if they don’t need all the tools all the time. Enter the tool wrap. This handy little item is a lighter, more convenient option for the days when less is more. It has also just been reduced from £25 to £10, making it the perfect stocking stuffer.
9. Globe Decanter
How cool would this look in a Man Cave? Fill it up with his favourite tipple for a present straight off of Captain Haddock’s Christmas list!

christmas-gift-ideas-for-couples1. Abstract ‘Love’ Print Wall Art
Perfect for a little love nest, I love that at first glance, you can’t really tell what this says. You can choose the size you want and the matching frame from the website and assemble the components when they arrive.
2. The View From The Shard + Afternoon Tea For Two
Just going to put it out there – I’d love if someone got us this! Going up to see the view from the Shard is always a special experience, made even more special with afternoon tea for two.
3. Marble Letter Coasters
Oliver Bonas did marble letter coasters until recently, but they were so hugely popular as Christmas gift ideas, especially with couples, that they’ve completely sold out in 95% of the alphabet. These ones off Amazon are just as lovely and make a perfect gift.
4. How Not To Kill Your Plants Book
We all know someone who needs this book. Heck, most of us need it ourselves. It makes for a funny little conversation-starter and looks pretty styled on a coffee table.
5. Breakfast In Bed Tray
Is there anything nicer than being brought breakfast in bed after a lazy lie-in? James does this for me almost every weekend and it is my favourite thing ever. Could not reccomend this more.
6. A Secret Memory Box
This ‘secret’ memory box is such a cute Christmas gift idea for a couple because it looks like a book but is actually a box they can fill with their most treasured souvenirs from holidays, date nights and special occasions, hiding in plain sight on a bookshelf. Nobody else would know it is there but them. It’d be their own little secret.
7. Mini Photo Printer
This little mini printer prints photos straight off one’s phone. Handy for filling frames with holiday photos, putting them up on your fridge or creating a cute photo garland to hang above their bed or from their mantle.
8. Vera Wang Champagne Flutes
Champagne flutes were traditionally given as gifts on engagements and / or weddings but that isn’t the case anymore. Sure, they could use them for that. But the thought of bringing these out to toast special occasions (new pets, babies being born, new jobs, new homes or promotions, etc.)  is just as wonderful.
9. A Personalised Photo Book
Know a couple that just got engaged or married? This is the perfect Christmas gift idea. Instead of a boring old album, fill a gorgeous coffee table book from Papier with images from their wedding, honeymoon or engagement shoots. Or if they’re not quite there yet, why not fill it with pictures of their relationship from the start till date, or a special holiday they’ve taken recently so they can share them with people when they come round?
10. Couple Phone Cases
I love these because they can be so easily personalised! Choose custom fonts, colours and have them read Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. Or their names – whatever you like. The possibilities are almost endless! I created these myself on the website – they don’t make readymade Mr. and Mrs. ones. So get creative!

Have you gotten a head start on your Christmas shopping yet? I’m almost done but still have a couple of bits to go! So don’t panic, there’s still a bit of time to treat your loved ones to the things they’ll love. Just remember to factor postage / delivery times in when making purchases and you’ll be just fine!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my first ever gift guide. Share them with me in the comments below or via social media – I’m @MascaraEverSat on Twitter or @MascaraEverySaturday on Instagram. See you at the next post! xx






**This post contains a few gifted items I have been introduced to from brands. However, all opinions are entirely my own and I would never endorse brands / products I don’t genuinely believe in / wouldn’t buy or wear personally.


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