Discovering The New Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

It’s been a beat, hasn’t it? The last time I posted on here, it was the day before I went on holiday and I was having the traditional pre-holiday pamper night, with my pups in tow. James and I had the holiday of a lifetime in beautiful Lindos, Greece (a post on which is coming to a blog near you soon, if you aren’t already tired of all the photos from our trip on Instagram).

If I’m being entirely honest, I was fully expecting to be hit by a hard case of the holiday blues, but I forgot that the start of Autumn is the best time for exciting launches with fashion and beauty brands, and so I’ve been in and out of meetings constantly since I got back, trying out the hottest drops and bringing the best of the best to you, so you know what’s worth your hard-earned dollar this season.

Fabulous lipstick art at the Marc Jacobs counter at Harvey Nichols Manchester

Now, even those who don’t really follow fashion know that animal print is hot, hot, HOT this season, but I’d just like to take a minute to shout out those of us who never really stopped wearing it. Those of us who were as loyal to it as Georgia from Love Island claims to be about, well, everything and to those of us who wore it as a neutral, even when it wasn’t ‘on trend’. Because, that’s exactly what it is – a neutral.

And now, thanks to Marc Jacobs who so seamlessly brought his signature urban chic vibe from the runway to his beauty line, leopard print is boldly making its way from our wardrobes to our makeup bags by way of the hot new limited edition Leopard Frost beauty collection for A/W ’18 sold exclusively at Harvey Nichols stores from October 11th to December ’18.

The collection includes five frosted, shimmery metallic lipsticks in mild to wild shades and the most stunning animal print eyeshadow palette, aptly named ‘Flamboyant’ in the signature Marc Jacobs oval style with warm toned hues in both, metallic and matte finishes. Now, in addition to the glamorous, conversation-starting packaging, another cool little lesser known fact about the palette is that if you turn it over, the shade names reveal a sassy little poem (or rap, depending on your level of street cred). They read:

Hey girl hey

You slay

On the runway

Serving up



For Your Life

Mmmhmm! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

The Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

I’m not going to lie, I heard about the collection while I was still in Greece and it had me salivating instantly. Which is why I made an appointment at the Marc Jacobs counter at Harvey Nichols Manchester for the next day after I landed, so I could have a little play with the products before I made my purchase, and before they flew off the shelves.

At first glance, the burgundy and khaki hues in the palette made me a little nervous, but the lovely Jade, an artist with the brand, showed me how to use the burgundy as a base hue and the khaki in my crease but then blended the whole look in with their See-quin Glitter Eyeshadow Pigment in Copperazzi till my eyes looked peachy, shimmery and neutral.

She then played up my natural tan from my holiday by illuminating it with some of their famous Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter (which alone felt and smelled like an extension of my holiday), adding just a touch of their 24h foundation and buffing the Tan-fastic bronzer in to my skin, proving that the eye palette is one that can be used for creating glamorous winter eyes as well as light-as-air summer looks, with a little imagination and a good blending brush.

She finished off the look with a little blush, highlighter, mascara and a Leopard Frost collection lipstick – a warm, metallic caramel shade called ‘Just Peachy’. I’ve linked all the products she used on me in a slider at the bottom of the post, so you can shop any of the products you’re drooling over with ease (except the Leopard Frost Flam(boy)ant eyeshadow palette, which is sold out, so I’ve linked one of their shadow palettes with the closest shade matches to the original).

I was so impressed with the eye palette, that I did try to buy one in store, but wasn’t able to as they were limited edition and had sold out at the counter that day. I then managed to get the last one in stock online, but when I went back to collect it, I was accidentally sent the wrong palette, and the right one had since sold out. Gutted, I went back to the counter to have a little mope with the lovely girl who was manning it that day, and when she heard my story, she said she happened to have one last palette in stock which she had ordered for another customer who never showed up to collect it, and that she had been saving it for one special customer who REALLY wanted it – and that that customer was me!

I skipped out of the store on cloud nine and got a whole bunch of funny looks in the process, but I didn’t care because it was FINALLY mine!  If you’re in the market for one of these gorgeous Flamboyant palettes, I’d recommend going to your local Harvey Nichols store and putting your name on the waiting list at the Marc Jacobs counter ASAP. You never know, they could just have one that slipped through the cracks, and it just might happen to have your name on it! Failing which, I imagine they’ll start popping up online at double the price soon, so if you’re really desperate, keep your eyes peeled!

The finished look in outdoor lighting

What are your thoughts on the collection and on the animal print trend of the moment? Share them with me in the comments below or via social media – I’m @MascaraEverSat on Twitter or @MascaraEverySaturday on Instagram. See you at the next post! xx

**I was invited to discover the collection by Harvey Nichols Manchester. However, all opinions are entirely my own, I purchased the product with my own money, and I would never endorse brands / products I don’t genuinely believe in / wouldn’t buy or wear personally.


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