7 Cool Things To Buy At Jo Malone That Aren’t Candles

Somebody recently asked me what I love most about blogging. I’d love to narrow it down to just one thing, but it was a three-way tie. While I fall in and out of love with writing lengthy blog posts and shuffle between them and quick insta captions, my three favourite things about blogging have to be (a) dressing up and taking photos (b) editing photos – I find the experience relaxing and (c) getting to work with some of my favourite brands.

Jo Malone is a brand I’ve admired and enjoyed for a long time. In fact, no late-night writing or editing session in my home is complete without the almost religious lighting of their exquisite Peony and Blush Suede candle. Which is why, when they invited me into their gorgeous boutique at Selfridges in Manchester for a fragrance consultation, it was a bit of a pinch-me moment, I’m not going to lie.

I took a seat on one of their striped sofas (I’d have one in my living room, thanks!) and was greeted by the lovely Candice who handed me a drink and we got chatting. After my fragrance consultation where I was cleansed, moisturised, massaged and spritzed with a new signature scent we discovered for me together, I got a chance to have a good look around the store, which was when my pinch-me moment turned into a lightbulb moment. Because while I was fully aware that they made beautiful and luxurious beauty products, somehow, the brand had always been synonymous with candles when I was growing up. Which is probably why I didn’t expect to find any of these items when I went in, and I bet you never thought you’d get any of these at Jo Malone either. Read on to see what I mean. Oh, and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the post to read the hilarious clumsy moment I had when I was leaving the store!

A Memory in Fragrance Form

As a part of my fragrance consultation, the lovely Candice asked me a few questions about the sorts of scents I tend to lean towards. When I told her I absolutely adored their Peony and Blush Suede, she understood that I was a floral gal and picked out three fragrances she thought I might like. While I fell instantly in love with the Mimosa and Cardomum as a great everyday scent, the other two, The Jasmine Sambac and Marigold and the Velvet Rose and Oud, both heavily inspired by the cultures and fragrances of the East instanly transported me back to my childhood in India, visiting flower markets with my mum and grandma. Not even going to pretend like there wasn’t a tear in my eye. Scent is such a powerful sense and has the ability to evoke memories, which is why I strongly believe in picking a special new fragrance for every big occasion in your life. Every time you open the bottle and spritz some on, you’ll remember the happy memories you associate with your milestones.

Travel-Sized Beauty

Going on holiday but miss the comforts of home? Same, girl. Same. Which is why I adore their Little Luxuries collection. These handbag friendly  minis of their best-selling creams, washes, oils and colognes are perfect for the girl on the go. I especially love that they’re all under 100ml, meaning they’ll breeze past the grumpy guard at airport security.

A Pop Of Colour for your Room

Jo Malone is known for their simple yet stunning branding, but I love that they’ve recently branched into peppy brights and neon packaging for their Hot Blossoms collection. Perfect for injecting a stylish pop of colour into your bathroom or vanity table without having to fuss with flowers or worry about overcrowding your space with decorative objects. They’re a functional way to make a statement with decor and I’m very much here for it.

Limited Editions and Special Collaborations

This year, Jo Malone collaborated with model and fashion influencer, Poppy Delevigne on their ‘Queen Of Pop‘ limited edition collection. The nine piece collection centered around ritual bathing, one of Poppy’s favourite activites, and included colognes, candles and bubble bath that come in in edgy pink and black pop art packaging. The Queen Of Pop collection has been spotted in the marble and gold bathrooms of all of Britain’s biggest influencers and is by far one of the most coveted beauty launches of 2018. Other collaborations include those with fashion stylist Judy Blame and printmaker Marthe Armitage.

Hair Oil

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Made in their signature scent, Lime Basil and Mandarin, this luxurious oil not only moisturizes, protects and delicately fragrances your hair, but your skin, too. I see this multi-purpose bad boy becoming a permanent fixture in my top shelf and plan on using it to moisturize cuticles, soften dry hair ends, to slather over feet before pulling on a pair of socks as an overnight foot treatment, taming flyaways and baby hairs and massaging into my face with a jade or rose quartz face roller. A tiny drop rubbed into the tops of your shoulders will add a beautiful sun-kissed highlight on holiday, too.

Perfume Inspired By Tea

Jo Malone’s Rare Teas collection is inspired by the ancient art of the Tea Master and the teas that grow in places like the foothills of China, India and the Himalayas. They’ve come up with six beautiful and luxurious fragrances, any one of which would make the perfect present for the lady in your life who loves a good brew. I may not do the description of this justice, but Estee LaLonde sure does. Check out her insightful blog post on the Rare Teas collection if you’d like to know more.

Custom Bottles and Engraving

Selfridges joined forces with Jo Malone to create a yellow cologne cap (the same yellow as their iconic yellow shopping bags) to sit prettily on top of some of Jo’s most favored fragrances to date. These can be bought in addition to any 100ml Jo Malone cologne from a Selfridges store. You can also get a little initial charm or even the glass bottle engraved for a personal touch.

And true to form, when I was leaving the store with my little bag of goodies after saying my thank you’s at the cash desk, I promptly spun on my heel and walked straight into a pillar. Hard. Smooth, savvy and sophisticated as always, as you can tell. Doesn’t look like 2018 is going to be the year of the graceful moment, but a girl can dream.

Have you tried any of Jo Malone’s exquisite products? Have you got a signature scent? And how many of these products did you know they stocked? Share your answers with me in the comments below or via social media – I’m @MascaraEverSat on Twitter or @MascaraEverySaturday on Instagram. See you at the next post! xx


**This post is in collaboration with Jo Malone London and contains gifted items. However, all opinions are entirely my own and I would never endorse brands / products I don’t genuinely believe in / wouldn’t buy or wear personally.


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