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Don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here writing this blog post at 1.56am becuase I have a severe case of sleep FOMO (yes it is totally a thing). For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it is the feeling on missing out on things when you’re asleep. For someone who has spent most of her life being a night owl who does her best work after 10pm, a full 8hrs of sleep seems counter-productive to me and you’ll often catch me mumbling and grumbling about ‘sleep being a waste of time’ under my breath come 11pm.

Hence why I’m using tonight to do exactly the opposite of what most people would call ‘self care’. Instead of turning off all my devices and cuddling up with J, I’ve fired up every piece of technology I own, have a steaming brew to keep me company and am using the night for a much-needed catch-up with my old friends Gmail, WordPress, Photoshop and Microsoft Word.

The thing is, when you’ve got a blog, two Instagram accounts to run, training and courses, starting up your own business and volunteer work to take on, it can often feels like life is pulling you in fifty different directions and no matter how many lists you write up, you’re still a bit of a frazzled mess. And on top of all of that, comes the summer social season with about thirty weddings, birthday parties, barbecues and the like, often leaving me feeling like I don’t know if I’m coming or going. All of this combined with my severe dislike of 8hrs of sleep as a concept isn’t doing my skin any favours, especially as I inch closer and closer towards the big 3-0. Which is why, I like to rely on a simple beauty routine featuring a few tried-and-tested products that (a) are easy to throw into a makeup bag before I head out the door and (b) I know work well for me and have me looking and feeling good even when I barely remember my own name. These include a few bits from Avon since I rediscovered the brand recently.

The Anew Reversalist 2-in-1 Anti-Ageing Night Cream

This, ladies and gents is the future in a moisturizer. I kid you not. It operates on the simple principle that your skin tends to get used to products. It is no secret. Your hair does, too. Which is why you’re advised to shampoo every 3-4 months. Your skin, however, gets accustomed to products a lot quicker and soon they stop working as effectively. To combat this, you use the side with the number ‘1’ on it for the first week. Then, when your skin starts getting complacent, keep it on its toes by switching to the side that reads ‘2’ on the second week. Then flip it back to 1 at the end of week two and so on. Cool, right? It gets better. Side 1 has Phyto+ Complex which replenishes and prepares your skin. Side 2 has Retinol which is known to tackle rinkles, firming and smoothening of the skin. I love the red formulation since I only have very early signs of ageing, but their gold variety offers a more targeted solution for mature skin. Either way, I know this bad boy has my back and has my skin feeling like it has bounced back to life after too many champagne toasts, cocktails with the girls, coffee meetings and sleepless nights, which basically sums up my life. I’ve even used it in the day if I’ve had to stay somewhere overnight and can’t be bothered stuffing my cosmetic bag with different products and can vouch for the fact that it quite lightweight and wears well under makeup.

The best part is that at £17.95 (and now on sale at £15!) it is at such an affordable drugstore price point, with the equivalent costing up to hundreds for the same technology and ingredients at most big beauty companies.

The Mark Epic Lipstick

I’m a girl who has one favourite lipstick discovery every season, and then ends up wearing it all season long and ignoring all the others in my makeup drawer. This year, the Mark Epic lipstick in ‘Coral Burst’ really does it for me. It brightens up my skin on sallow days and I’ve been wearing it over some of my regular lipsticks to warm them up a bit for the summer. Plus it looks great against bronzed summer skin. I also really love that it has an in-built primer, keeping your lips hydrated for hours, comes in 22 colours and is only £8. I am so here for this and can’t wait to grow my collection!

True Colour Finishing Pearls

So technically, these pretty finishing pearls are meant to be used as a finishing powder. You can swirl your brush in them and dust over your face for light coverage, or do the same over your favourite foundation. I, however, am a little rebel and like to use my products in different ways. Since the one I have is a little to deep for my skin tone, I’ve been using it as a bronzer and it works miracles! It stays put for hours and gives me the right amount of summer warmth without being orange or shimmery. The shade is just the perfect balance between warm and cool to act as a contouring aid, too! Win!

Mark Big And Extreme Mascara

All of the lack of sleep sometimes leaves my eyes a little drooper than I’d like, so I always like to have a power mascara in my beauty arsenal to help me look fresh, wide-eyed and awake (even when I’m secretly not). The Mark Big And Extreme mascara does the trick for me and I love how it lengthens and thickens to the point that it actually looks like I have falsies on. My only gripe with it is that it doesn’t come in a waterproof formulation, which is something I struggle to get by without considering I frequently cry when emotional adverts pop up on the telly and my eyes get really itchy and watery at this time of year due to hayfever and allergies. Get me a waterproof version and I don’t think I’d switch my mascara again for life.

I’d love to know about your Beauty BFF’s / your hero makeup products that make you feel amazing on days when you just CBA. Tell me about them in the comments below or via social media – I’m @MascaraEverSat on Twitter or @MascaraEverySaturday on Instagram. See you at the next post! xx




**This post is in collaboration with Avon. However, all opinions are entirely my own and I would never endorse brands / products I don’t genuinely believe in / wouldn’t buy or wear personally.










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