I Bought Workwear Off SheIn – Here Are My Honest Thoughts

If there’s one website that has a reputation, it is SheIn. You know what I mean. Nobody can understand how clothes that look as nice as theirs do cbe as inexpensively priced as they are, and so everyone speculates about the quality. And so, purely for the purpose of research (ahem) and to dispel the rumours once and for all, I went ahead and bought a few bits and bobs off their site to see what the whole experience was like, from making a purchase to delivery times, returns, dealing with customer service and also, clothing quality.

In all honesty, I once ordered a coat from their website when I first moved to the UK a few years ago. The company was still fairly new then, and obviously had some teething issues. The coat took over thirty days to arrive, wasn’t terrible quality and was far too small. To the point that I couldn’t even be bothered returning it, because I thought that if it took that long to send in the first place, how long would it take to even get a refund?

However, my friend Nicola has been shopping on their website a fair bit recently and highly recommended it and I trusted her judgement, so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to prove that they had learned from their mistakes and had grown in time.

I bought a top and a dress from their website and while the top didn’t fit, the dress was a dream and both were made of good quality fabric. I’m also happy to report that my items were delivered in about 5-7 days, which is pretty standard, although they also offer an express delivery service if required (at an additional cost, like everywhere else). This is all probably possible now they appear to have a warehouse in Europe and aren’t shipping things over from wherever in Asia their warehouse was three years ago, which probably would’ve been a logistical nightmare.

Now the thing with SheIn is, the prices are absolutely ridiculous. And by ridiculous, I mean ridiculously cheap! I haven’t seen such cute, on-trend clothes for these prices anywhere! Although I have seen exactly the same items for five times the price at places like Zara. So it’s great for things like trends you’re not sure whether you should try or aren’t sure if they’re going to be around very long. They’re also great for easy-breezy pieces to throw on when you’re on holiday, but it isn’t the sort of place you’d invest in closet basics to last you a lifetime if that makes sense?

The other thing with SheIn that they openly state on their website is that they don’t do standardized sizes. Each item is a different size, but they provide detailed, accurate measurements per item so if you don’t measure and wing it saying you’ll fit in your usual size, you may get away with it, or you may be disappointed. For example, I ordered two dresses and a top in the size ‘L’. The dresses fit me like a dream, but the top was so tight, neither me nor my friend who is a size 12 could fit into it. It fit more like a UK 10 than 12-14 that I normally wear. But hey, its a small price to pay for the small price you pay, if you know what I mean.

You can always choose to return an item, and customer service is very helpful while you do. They respond very quickly when you open a ticket to return an item and advise you on how to do it, although you do have to pay a cheap, standard rate for a return.

On the whole though, I am impressed with how much they have improved their service. The quality of clothes is on par with brands like Boohoo and Missguided and you’ll see a lot of similar if not identical pieces at Zara. I’d definitely recommend shopping here and am planning on buying a few fun and frothy pieces to throw into my suitcase for upcoming holidays.

That being said, when it comes to beautiful, timeless classics that need to look classy and professional and polished at work, I’d probably end up shopping at Zara, Hobbs or Karen Millen instead.

Have you shopped at SheIn before? Share your experience with me in the comments below.


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