My Secret To Looking Well-Rested At Work

My Secret To Looking Well-Rested At Work

Anybody who knows me and knows me well will tell you that I am a total and complete makeup junkie. But while I love mastering the smokey eye, constructing the perfect brow and painting on a bold lip, when it comes to finishing off my skin, I’m more than a little lazy, forgoing foundation 90% of the time and only slapping it on if I really can’t avoid it.

I can’t be bothered with trying to conceal any spots and blemishes either, which is why I am never lazy with my skincare. The way I see it is, the more you look after your skin, the less you have to cover up. I never leave home without sunscreen, always double-cleanse at night to make sure every little trace of makeup is gone and am constantly on the lookout for products that take my skin to another level.

In fact, one of my latest discoveries has been the skincare brand, Flint Plus Flint. They were kind enough to send me a few of their products that I’ve been using for the past two weeks now, and I have to say I am rather impressed. A few of these bad boys have even made it into my bathroom cabinet permanently. I’m not quite sure how they did it, but my skin looked a lot cleaner, healthier and more well rested from the inside out. To the point that I’ve received compliments about it at work.

So here’s a little bit about the skincare routine I was using that made such a difference:


I love that the brand was founded by husband and wife, Adam and Maxine, who met and bonded over their shared love of skincare. #CoupleGoals much? They are a family-owned business, who also happen to own and manage a chain of cosmetic clinics across England and over the past ten years, have recommended the best of the best skincare products to their clients and have carried out more than a million skin treatments. Their philosophy is that they don’t just have one or two hero products that work, but ALL of their products work. If a product doesn’t work, it won’t make it to their range and that’s that. Oh, and in case you were wondering, their whole range is made in England, uses products sourced from England, is perfected, printed and packaged in England.

I personally love the gender-neutral packaging and the fact that these don’t have a strong fragrance (or any fragrance at all, really). It irks me when cosmetic companies try to brand products so they specially cater to men or women. Skin is skin. Good skincare is good skincare. It doesn’t matter who is using it, the product should speak for itself. I love how the range looks sleek enough to have out on display in the bathroom I share with James, and at the same time, would totally have him reaching for a dollop of moisturizer on a dry day without feeling like he is using one of my ‘girly’ products. Skincare that believes that equality is the way forward, don’t you think? I see these becoming a permanent feature in my guest bathroom for the same reason – whether my mum, BFF or brother-in-law comes to visit, everyone can use these.

What does seem interesting to me, however, is the fact that the packaging holds no printed information about the product in terms of what it claims to do. I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or not, but it definitely leaves it open to personal interpretation and experience instead of making one blanket claim that may not necessarily work with all skin types. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Is it forward-thinking or playing it safe? Either way, it is definitely unconventional. However, if you really want to find out more about what the product says it is meant to do, you could always check out the product descriptions on their website which you probably would do before you bought them anyway.

Here are little mini-reviews of all of them so you know what to add to your basket:

Glycolic Cleanser

This was one of the first products I tried from the range and I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive when the directions said this could be used ‘daily’. To me, the word glycolic is synonymous with a glycolic acid peel they make you have at the dermatologist, and so I thought it would be too harsh to use every day. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. it was gentle enough to be used twice a day, every day and left my skin feeling cleaner than any product I have ever used in the past twenty-eight years. Such a win! It is very watery/fluid as opposed to a cream or a gel and I see myself using this for a very long time since I’m obsessed with having my face by absolutely squeaky clean before bedtime. It does sting ever so slightly if it goes in your eyes, so be gentle whilst scrubbing off your eye makeup.

Everyday Wash

I started using this cleanser in the second week instead of the glycolic cleanser. This had more of a gel-like consistency than the glycolic cleanser, and while it did leave my skin feeling about as deep cleansed as it did with the glycolic cleanser, I woke up with a small spot the morning after using this for the first time, while the glycolic cleanser didn’t break me out at all. The spot cleared up the next day, but I’d definitely opt for the glycolic cleanser over this one if I were looking to invest in a good cleanser for my skin.


What I look for in a daytime moisturizer is that it is lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin instead of sitting on top of it and feeling heavy. And that it has sun protection. This doesn’t have SPF (probably because they do a fantastic SPF primer, but more on that later).  My oily skin was very pleased with this moisturizer as it absorbed into the skin quickly and easily, felt light and hydrating, but kept my skin looking completely matte and oil-free for hours!

Moisturizer 3x

Now I’d normally use this in the winter as a daytime moisturizer, but since the nights have been warm, I decided to switch up my usual night cream for their Moisturizer 3x. I was hoping it would be lighter but still quite hydrating and I liked that this, too, absorbed easily into the skin and didn’t leave a thick layer of product on the surface of the skin that would go on to rub off onto my pillow. When I woke up the next morning, however, my skin felt fairly dry. I think this would be a great night time moisturizer if you went on holiday or lived somewhere where it was warm and balmy. Or, alternatively, a great daytime moisturizer if you lived somewhere as cold or dry as the UK in winter. I’m packing it in my suitcase to use as a night cream on an upcoming trip to hot, humid India.

Spf 30 Primer

Now, as I mentioned before, their moisturizers don’t come equipped with SPF. However, that’s because they make this little beaut of a product. You put it on after your moisturizer and it is the lightest, silkiest, mattest sunblock you will ever use! It is a great base for makeup and perfect for if you’re going on holiday somewhere warm since its so oil-free. I usually like my primers to be able to help with my awful large pore situation, so I had to put some of my Benefit Pore-fessional over this, but the good news is, there was no product pilling whatsoever and knowing that I can easily layer different textured products over it with ease (waxy pore primer, tacky corrector, creamy concealer, powder blush) made it a total win in my book!

Enzyme 3 Mask

I’m not even going to pretend like I was paying attention in science class to know what an Enzyme is, which is why it would be handy to have some more printed information about the products on the packaging. I applied this mask to cleansed, exfoliated skin and left it on for the advised 20 minutes. However, it did not dry like regular masks do, so I left it on for another five minutes. When it still hadn’t dried, I realised it probably wasn’t the sort of mask that did dry, so I washed it off and followed up with a serum and the moisturizer 3x as advised on the box. Now, as opposed to the glycolic cleanser, moisturizer and SPF primer, the results of this mask weren’t as clear as day to me, and since I had no idea what enzymes were or what they’re meant to do for the skin, I had to check their website to see what the product was meant to do.

‘Nourishing Triple action radiance mask suitable for all skin types. Once-a-week treatment created to clear pores, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brighten dull, uneven complexions.’ is what the product description on the website stated and while I didn’t feel particularly radiant or notice any difference to my pigmentation, my skin did feel super deep cleansed, purified and healthy. I will definitely be reaching for this next week.

Overall, the look and feel of these products is excellent. My skin has never felt so healthy or cleansed and I can see myself buying a whole lot more from this range and recommending it to friends and family, both, male and female.

I personally can’t wait for my next payday so I can treat myself to their serum, eye cream, exfoliator and one of these gorgeous little designer handbag candles which would just look SO perfect on my dressing table!

You can find their whole range online on their website, but they also retail at Harvey Nichols, where you can pop into their ‘Anti-Spa‘ for one of their legendary facials.


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