Dressing For My Favourite Kind Of Date

I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with casual dressing and that my idea of ‘casual’ is about five notches dressier most people’s, even in the daytime. But while I still manage to get by in the day, when the sun sets, its a whole other story.

You won’t see me reaching for the sequins like I used to when I was younger, but velvet, satin, fringe and their friends are far from off limits. In fact, my wardrobe is full of dressy pieces to wear on glam evenings out, especially this time of year. Excited to style these pieces, I plan my outfit in advance. But more often than not, I do a little twirl in front of the mirror and end up changing into a less dressier version of my outfit than I originally had on.

I mean I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed, but it just seems like everywhere you go in 2018, people tend to be a lot more casually dressed than before, and this is something I tend to struggle with a little. In fact, my most recent wardrobe dilemmas have been with a new and exciting kind of date James and I have been going on recently – concerts.

Its strange that we’ve been together four years and haven’t been to any before this year, but James got tipsy one night and booked us tickets to go see Dua Lipa when an ad popped up on his phone and the tickets were cheap. We had such an amazing time watching her perform, that since then, we’ve been researching some of our favourite bands and getting tickets to see them when they play in Manchester.

We go to dinner before the concert and drinks to a nice bar after, but how’s a girl to dress for dinner and drinks in nice places and a casual concert at the same time? The trick, I’ve found, is in pairing one really casual piece with one really dressy one so you’re covered for both occasions.

This is one of my favourite outfits that I wore recently to watch Boyce Avenue perform at Albert Hall. If you’re a hardcore fan of the artist, I’d wear a band tshirt with a dressy skirt or dark jeans. Throw on a jacket, block-heeled boots and a bold lip et voila! You’ve covered all your bases for a great date night, no matter what spontaneous plans come your way!

On a side note, how mega is this skirt? I’d been looking for a fringe skirt to wear to year-end parties for a while and just couldn’t find one on the high street that didn’t look tacky. And then one day, when I was at an event with a pop-up fashion boutique, I found this vintage Amanda Kirkwood gem. Exactly what I was looking for, super flattering and only one – in my size! Isn’t it funny how life works out like that? Almost as if it was meant to be!


Bonnie Ley @ Normal Not Normal


Skirt: Amanda Kirkwood at Lisa Stirling Vintage | Tshirt: Adidas (stolen from James) | Bag: Zara | Tights and boots: Primark


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