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Hello again! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, full of love and laughter, and that you’ve been keeping up with (and enjoying!) my #CountdownToChristmas posts. I took a couple of days off to enjoy Christmas and Boxing Day with family and not have to deal with the pressure of self and brand-imposed deadlines this time of year. I have, instead, been eating my body weight in all things I shouldn’t, watching movies back-to-back and shopping the sales horizontally, from my phone. Just as the few days round Christmas should be. In fact, I even carried my laptop to James’ mum’s thinking I might get an hour or two to blog on Christmas day, but then decided I was being ridiculous and I needed to just shut down and enjoy a few days sans blogging for the holidays.

I’m back now, I’ll be the first to admit that procrastination is my middle name and that I’ve been putting off posting pictures of our apartment to the blog since we moved in two years ago. However, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Everything looks a bit more magical at Christmas and our home is no exception with festive pops of red and some exciting new decor additions I’m loving at the moment, mixed in with a few nostalgic pieces we’ve had since we started living together, and a few that belonged to our families long before then.

Scroll through the pictures to see all the little festive elements in our home at Christmas this year, just in time for Santa!

James bought me this as a present and it is basically my online shopping addiction summed up in a doormat. It works particularly well this time of year, with Christmas presents arriving on the regular, but we plan to keep it out all year long. Mainly because it is necessary.

After two years and three Christmases in out apartment, we finally took the plunge and bought a wreath! This one from The White Company has little fairy lights in it and was just too pretty to resist!

This big bunch of white fairy lights from The White Company brightens up our little entryway and Mr. Snowman originally belonged to James’ mum – she gave him to us on our first Christmas in the UK when we had no decorations of our own.

This third-wheeling Santa is a cute and subtle little festive touch to our console table in the entryway and was, again, given to us by James’ mum when I first moved to the UK.

I guess you could say that this little corner is the main attraction in our living room.The grey leather chair is one of my favourite pieces of all time – custom-made by Arighi Bianchi, while the cushions were from M&S and a local gift shop.

A sheepskin we bought at the Christmas Markets last year, from a man who looked EXACTLY like Santa Claus – long white beard and all! I use it to protect the leather footstool from the dog’s claws when they decide to sit on it

This beautiful ivory and gold beaded stocking I found at HomeSense on a shopping trip with my mom is one of my most favourite Christmas pieces of all time! I love how detailed the beading is and how it feels so nostalgic of the 1920’s.

The Christmas Train has been our favourite new addition to our home this year! We plan to buy a new carriage each year and own all the carriages for each of the years I’ve lived in the UK with James.

My little bundles of joy all wrapped up in a bright red Christmas throw with pom poms that the Housing Units store sent over as a Christmas present.

Our mantle RN. The Santa and Snowman were given to us by James’ mum on our first Christmas together and the garland across the top that we bought from Bents Garden Centre was an easy way to make the whole room look more festive and fun!

Go custom or go home! James got us these Mr. and Mrs. present sacks last year. They didn’t cost very much but always catch everyone’s eye when we have people round. I love how they are a cute alternative to stockings even though we never tend to fill them up.

Would it even be Christmas without warm drinks by the fire with loved ones, holiday movies and blankets? I’m drinking practically every warm beverage that comes my way in this festive AF mug Housing Units sent me recently.

The White Company do a great alternative to traditional floral pot pourri for the holidays – pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges – it smells like heaven and looks like it, too!

A few leftover pine cones from the pot pourri look cheerful and Christmassy in a gold Ikea bowl on our coffee table.

I started out with three Poinsettia plants this year, but am left with only one and am convinced those things are impossible to keep alive, no matter how much you water them. The three kings were also a gift from James’ mum for our first Christmas together.

I am so in love with this polite little hedgehog I bought at HomeSense a couple of Christmases ago, and how he sits in a little corner and watches over us during the holidays. We decided to try something a little different with a stack of baubles in a display dome – really pleased with how it turned out (both, baubles and dome are from Ikea)

James bought me this little terrarium as a Christmas present last year. While I usually fill it with white pebbles from a beach in Northern Ireland that we visited last year, we’ve replaced them with beads and mini baubles from Ikea for the festive period.

These little honeycomb trinket boxes were also Christmas presents from James last year. We usually keep keys and bits in there, but have given them a little festive makeover for December.

A snowflake doormat we found at Ikea is perfect for when the critters come in the back door with their little paws covered in snow.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our home and that it may have inspired you to try a few of the ideas in your own. Have you got a favourite piece from these pictures? Share them with me in the comments below or via social media – I’m @MascaraEverSat on Twitter or @MascaraEverySaturday on Instagram.


**This post contains a couple of gifted items, however, all opinions are entirely my own.


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