Presents bought and wrapped. Tree decorated. Holiday cards written and posted. The only thing left on your to-do list? A little me-time, girlfriend! We get so caught up in making sure Christmas is perfect for our loved ones, we often drive ourselves crazy trying to do it and forget that ’tis the season to be jolly! So do everyone a favour and avoid a meltdown on Christmas day by kicking your shoes off, pouring yourself a niiice biiiig glass of wine and unwinding with a few of the best festive articles I’ve recently chanced upon and am living for RN, all from some of my favourite blogs, websites and Youtube channels.  Annnnnnnd relaaaax!

(1) 10 Instagram-Worthy Holiday Cocktails To Make NowThe Glitter Guide

(Image Credit: The Glitter Guide)

Warning! This article will make your glass of wine look pretty uninteresting and you will probably want to jump back up and go to your bar / kitchen to see how many of these ingredients you already have so you can start making them right away. I’m making myself a little shopping list and am determined to try at least a couple of these recipes when my mum-in-law comes round on Christmas eve.

(2) How To Look Stylish In Cold Weather KarenBritChick

I’ve followed Karen’s blog, WhereDidUGetThat for YEARS. In fact, hers is one of the first blogs I ever started reading and her Youtube channel is just as good. She mixes high end with vintage, high street and thrift so easily, and has inspired me to do the same for all the many years I’ve followed her. Go watch her tips on staying warm when its freezing out. I’m implementing a few for when January hits us hard.

(3) 8 Holiday Makeup Looks and How To Recreate ThemThe Everygirl

(Image Credit: The Everygirl)

If you don’t recreate the others, at least promise you’ll give this gorgeous, classic Old Holywood look a go? I know I fully intend to!

(4) 6 Tips To Manage Your Anxiety Over ChristmasThe Year Of You

(Image Credit: The Year Of You)

Hayley Colleen is one of my favourite people to follow on Twitter. I love her positive, uplifting, inspiring tweets. So when she tweeted the link to this article on her blog, it really hit home. For someone who worries and stresses out more during Christmas than any other time of year, I’m looking forward to implementing some of her tips, including asking for a little me-time if things get a bit much.

(5) A Real Girl’s Thoughts on Buying a Designer Bag for Christmas – The Little Plum

(Image Credit: The Little Plum)

This article was such a witty read and has since gone on to make The Little Plum one of my favourite UK blogs. I recently got a Gucci bag for Christmas as well, and while mine was a present, I was met with the same questions by everyone, and don’t let anyone breathe near mine either. In fact, its still in its dust bag, in tissue paper, in its box, in the bag it came in!

(6) DIY Ice Cream Cone Ornaments Lauren Conrad

(Image Credit: Lauren Conrad)

Okay, so technically, ice cream cones don’t have a lot to do with Christmas. But look how cute they are! And easy to make with things like wrapping paper, ribbon and old baubles you’ve got lying round the house already! Count me IN, sista!

(7) Party Outfit Ideas for Christmas + NYEKarenBritChick

More Karen wonderful-ness. She is just the queen of cool. Except when she talks about styles, trends and pieces she is excited about on Youtube, when she precisely turns into a giddy little kid at Christmas. LOVE her!

(8) Every Holiday Movie on Netflix That You Need To Watch – The Everygirl

(Image Credit: The Everygirl)

Somehow, by some cruel twist of fate, I’m well for 95% of the year, but ALWAYS seem to catch a bug HARD during Christmas and it is just the WORST. I’m currently trying to keep up with blogging daily till Christmas as well, so I’m just going to have to kick back with this list of holiday movies after Christmas (even though I REALLY want to now!). Please watch them snuggled up in your softest blanket with a box of Quality Street on your lap so I can live vicariously through you!

(9) Prepping Your Home For Holiday Guests – The Zoe Report

(Image Credit: Louise Roe)

Lifestyle blogger, Louise Roe, tied up with The Zoe Report to teach us a thing or two about Christmas guest preppin’. She does a crackin’ Cinnamon Stick Candle DIY that is super easy, cheap as chips and makes a gorgeous present, too.

(10) Why It’s Okay To Not Go Home For The Holidays And How To Handle ItThe Everygirl

(Image Credit: The Everygirl)

This interesting read is proof that we ALL feel some form of guilt over the festive period (and I thought I was the only one, being away from my mum every year at Christmas since we live in different countries). But knowing that you can’t always please everyone, that sometimes, disappointment is okay and that you need to start your own traditions really, really helps.

I hope you’re feeling nice and relaxed now, and are looking forward to the upcoming festivities! If not, go back and read Hayley’s anxiety article again – I cannnot tell you how much it helped me. See you at the next #CountdownToChristmas post! xx


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