The Only Trends You Need To Spend Your 💰 On This Season

Sometimes being a blogger is kinda exhausting. And while I love what I do, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes feel the pressure to keep up with all of the new trends that trickle into the market practically every week, in order to be relevant. While I don’t see myself magically turning into a proper adult who doesn’t spend money on clothes and buys one ‘good coat’ every two years, there has definitely been a shift in my thought process lately. I’m forgoeing most trends except for the ones I’m genuinely super excited to try, or the ones I’m sure will stick around for a few seasons / years, so I can make the most of them.

Here are the ones I’m all about and the ones I’m sitting out this season:


The Camel Coat

Is there anything chicer this time of year? The camel coat is hotter than ever right now, and somehow, still ends up looking fresh, relevant and classy every winter. It has been around for deccades and shows no signs of going anywhere which is why I’m turning every store inside out till I find the perfect one!

Something Velvet

What goes around comes back around, especially when it comes to style. There’s something so decadent and opulent about velvet, and it always looks so glamorous when it comes around this time of year. One statement velvet number (a skirt or a jacket, in my opinion) will see you through a host of year-end parties this year and beyond. Oh, and for all you sartorial skeptics who don’t believe me, I have proof. I bought a burgundy velvet shift dress at a vintage store back home over three years ago before I moved to the UK, and I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to wear it at least a few times every winter since. I’m personally picky about where I buy my velvet pieces from, as sometimes they can look quite tacky. Spend a little extra for the quality piece that fits just right and trust me, it’ll be worth it.


The Prince Of Wales Check Blazer

Um hells to the yes to this chic trend! The Prince of Wales check is the winter equivalent to this summer’s gingham. What I love most about it is that if wearing this blazer casually goes out of style, you can still wear it to work and look polished, put-together and business-ready in a flash. Easily one of the most worn items in my wardrobe and one of my favourite buys of the season, hands down!

The Blazer Dress

I’ve always been a huge fan of the classic shirt dress and the wonders it can do your your body when cinched with a waist. I’ve also been a huge fan of blazers, as you may already know, and wer them over practically everything. So when the blazer dress became a thing, I was totally on board. an elevated big sister of the shirt dress, this silhouette flatters in all the same places as a shirt dress while being thicker and more structured – perfect for work, work events and evenings out. A modern-day classic that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’m partial to it because it keeps me toasty on evenings out – always a win in my book!


The Leopard Coat

Ok, hear me out. I’m fully aware that this trend is fairly controversial. A lot of people say that an animal print is a trend, not a classic, but I beg to differ. I think it walks the line between the two, and saunters in and out of style every few years. I remember when I started blogging, leopard was EVERYWHERE and one of the chicest things you could wear. A mere few years later, here it is again. Bigger and bolder than ever, which is why I think a leopard coat is such a great investment piece. Sure, it may not be in two years from now. But trust me, it will be again a couple of years after that, so isn’t it great to have one handy, just in case?



On the other hand, there are a few trends I’m choosing to steer clear of, mainly due to their lack of staying power. They’re unflattering, fleeting and just not worth my hard-earned 💰.

The Aviator Jacket

Chunky, unflattering and ripped off so much by cheaper brands that it looks tacky and too trendy. Not likely to be around next year.

The Vinyl Skirt 

A less-chic version of its pleather counterpart. The PU skirt is unflattering since it highlights every bump and curve. Lets not even talk about the squeaky noises it’ll make when you sit down. 

Sock boots

Am I the only one who thinks sock boots are incredibly gimmicky? They seem really impractical, and by that I mean you can’t wear them over jeans / leggings / tights. So what are you left with really? A fairly limited item that poses potential styling challenges due to lack of versatility.

70s Flares

As hot as they may be right now, I just don’t see 70s inspired bell bottoms working for anyone unless they’re pin thin and edgy AF. Thereby eliminating 90% of the population, which just happens to be us. Will be avoiding this one.

The Teddy Bear Coat

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mother-daughter matching is absolutely adorable, but I’m not entirely sure I’d want to walk around looking like my poodle, Poppy. Her curly coat looks amazing on her, but its not necessaily one I’d consider human-friendly, or dropping any of my cash on. So thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather stick to a traditional shaggy faux fur coat instead and let the curly mane be Poppy’s signature look.

What trends are you nodding at / scratching your head over this season? Share them with me in the comment box below or via social media I’m @MascaraEverSat on Twitter or @MascaraEverySaturday on Instagram. See you at the next post!

{PHOTOGRAPHY} Ire Johsnon @ Faraway Edit


Dress: Tobi | Shirt: Zara | Jacket: Miss Selfridge | Tights: Primark | Boots: Pretty Little Thing | Bag: Stradivarius



**This post is in collaboration with TOBI however, all opinions are entirely my own.


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