My Autumn Bucket List

Okay, I am freaking out. How is it September already? HOW? It feels like the new year only started a couple of months ago, yet here we are well and truly on our way to crunchy brown leaves, burgundy lipstick and Pumpkin Spiced Latte weather.

If you read my last post, you’ll know that the past few months have been challenging to say the least. So it means more to me than ever that my favourite time of year, the Autumn, is warm and wonderful – full of fuzziness in my tummy from warm drinks shared with good friends, cuddles under soft blankets, leaves crunching under new boots, candles that smell of pumkin, pear, apple and spices filling the home with a sweet, inviting aroma and all other things quintessentially Autumn.

Here are a few of my favourite things to do around this time of year that I’m getting a head start on already, because like Fitzgerald says, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

(1) Try my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Okay, so for somebody who makes a lot of PSL references, I’ve never actually tried one! Can’t wait to hit up the nearest Starbucks, warm my hands on my cup and finally try all the goodness I’ve been missing out on.

(2) Go on a long dog walk

Going for a walk in the crisp, Autumn air with the leaves crunching under your feet is a treat. Its a great way to get some lovely photos of the leaves having changed colour and Poppy looks especialy cute when she ‘aggressively’ chases dried leaves being carried away with the wind.

(3) Update my wardrobe

Boots, tights and new coats, here I come! I’m planning on writing a blog post on all the gorgeous new-season items I have my eye on on the high street these days soon. Keep your eyes peeled! But in the meantime, I’m stayin snug in this gorgeous dark floral bomber by Wearall that is both, super snuggly, but chic, too.

(4) Go to a football match

I never thought I’d actually see the day when I enjoyed watching a sport, but here I am embracing change. James took me to a local football match for the team he grew up supporting and I absolutely loved the atmosphere of watching it live! The fact that it wasn’t a Premier League, but a local game, meant that the stadium was small and so the experience was really intimate and exciting! And the fact that I’m being let in on one of his family traditions that he used to do with his dad and brothers makes me feel both special, and like the ‘cool wife’. Go SCFC!

(5) Switch up my beauty regime

Every year, I treat myself to a few new beauty indulgences for the new season. I switch my light, summer moisturizers for more hydrating ones,  buy a new berry lipstick, a lovely scented body lotion to keep beside my bed and invest in a new fragrance. I also try and use all the deeper shades in my eyeshadow palettes to create more dramatic smoky eye looks with golds, taupes and deep browns. My beauty updates fall may warrant a post of its own, so leave me comment in the box at the end of this post if you want to see what’s new to my beauty bag this fall.

(6) Go trick or treating

It was never a big deal where I grew up, which is why I’m absolutely fascinated and excited by the idea of Halloween! I secretly want to get all dressed up every year, however, James and I aren’t the sort to don costumes and go to a big commercial party, and since no trick or treaters do the rounds in our neighbourhood (I was gutted when nobody knocked on for the sweets I bought last year!), I’m looking forward to going along with a friend and her son for an authentic trick or treating experience this year – I can’t wait!

(7) Take the perfect Autumn shoe-fie for Instagram

You know the one – your favourite pair of Autumn shoes / boots against a backdrop of multi-coloured Autumn leaves. The goal is to somehow top this one from my first Autumn in the UK. Wish me luck and follow me on Instagram to see how I get on – I’m @mascaraeverysaturday.

(8) Enjoy Bonfire Night celebrations

Again, not a festival I’ve experienced where I grew up, but it has grown to be one of my favourites over the past couple of years. James and I always go to this one fireworks display and he buys me a toffee apple and we have a drink and meet some of our friends. The fireworks are always so magical, its hard to leave with a dry eye!

(9) Watch a scary movie

I love a good, old fashioned horror film but James doesn’t, so I don’t end up watching as many as I used to. However, this year, I absolutely cannot wait to watch It. The onset of Fall is the perfect time for this release, and since I grew up reading my mother’s Stephen King books since she was a huge fan, this one is particularly special to me. This is one I cannot miss, even if it’ll be me in the cinema alone, with nobody but a bag of sweets for company.

(10) Get an Autumnal manicure

I mean, let’s face it. It just wouldn’t be Autumn without a burgndy mani, would it? But hey, khaki, grey, deep purple and navy are great alternatives, too. Although my favourite for this year would have to be a sexy, deep metallic bronze.

(11) Buy a new candle

Every year, James and I splurge on / invest in a large, multi-wick candle that burns in our home every night through the holiday season and the months before and after. We absolutely love the ones from The White Company as they leave our home smelling warm, sweet and ever-so-inviting.

(12) Bake something with pumkin, apple or cinnamon

I’ve never been a domestic goddess, but recently, I’ve been trying my hand at a bit of baking and I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it. I started out with these apple and cream cheese roses a few weeks ago and since they turned out so well, I’m looking forward to trying out a banana loaf, an apple pie, leaf-shaped sugar cookies and a carrot cake over the next couple of months.

(13) Visit the Christmas markets

James and I go to the Manchester Christmas markets every year and have the best time strolling around drinking amaretto hot chocolates, buying little ornaments for our tree and presents for friends and family. This year, we’ll be lucky enough to take my mum along as she has finally booked her tickets to come visit us! I can’t wait!

(14) Enjoy a cheese board by the fire

One of my biggest loves in life is cheese. It is my favourite little indulgence and after a lot of experimentation, I now have a formula for throwing together the perfect cheese board that is such a treat when eaten cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket, in front of our little fire, with an exciting new show on.

(15) Embrace colour

I live on an endless rotation of black, grey, navy, khaki and burgundy as the temperature dips. However, I’m on a mission to embrace a bit more colour this year, and what better place to start than with beautiful autumn-leaf-inspired orange? I bought the most stunning orange coat from a charity shop for a song recently, and I can’t wait to give it its big debut at a special occasion soon!

(16) Go on a day date

One of my favourite places to go on a Sunday is Albert’s Schloss in Manchester. I love how they have a roaring fire and live jazz on Sundays and I’m looking forward to a leisurely lunch followed by mulled wine or hot chocolate after a day walking round the shops hand in gloved hand.

(17) Put the Christmas tree up early

My mum and I always put our tree up together when I was growing up, but we haven’t been able to do this together since I moved to the UK. However, since she leaves just at the start of December, I figure the 1st isn’t too early to put up our tree with carols, hot chocolate and Reindeer-shaped cookies!

{PHOTOGRAPHY} Alexander Ward

{Outfit Details}

Jacket: WearAll | Skirt: Asos | Boots: Zalando | Top: Boohoo | Tights: Primark | Bag: Zara

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? Share it with me in the comments blow or by chatting to me on social media – I’m @mascaraeverysat on Twitter and @mascaraeverysaturday on Instagram. See you at the next post! xx


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