Power Breakfast With Fenty Beauty

Power Breakfast With Fenty Beauty

They say September is like the January of fashion – the start of a fresh new metaphorical ‘year’ full of new-season trends cascading down the fashion week runways, hot new line drops, exciting product launches and absolutely unmissable events. Well, the beauty world isn’t one to be outdone, and they’re pulling every rabbit they have out of their magic hats, giving fashion a run for their money.

Being a blogger often means getting invited to witness beauty history in the making, and this never ceases to thrill me. Kicking off September with the newest product launches of Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, at Harvey Nichols stores worldwide.

To say the beauty industry is buzzing about the launch would be a massive understatement. One scroll through any of your social media feeds will prove just how much, with every single beauty blogger, big or small, excitedly gushing about the products.

First things first, we dived right into the products, swatching and sampling everything we could like unchaperoned children in a sweet shop. The line, expertly crafted by Rihanna herself after years of being in a makeup chair experiencing the best and the worst of what makeup could offer, is made up of products that performed across all skin tones and types, so that women everywhere feel included. Which makes it safe to say that diversity is at the core of its brand ethos and we are all here for it. Beauty industry, take note.

Designed to be lighter than air, make skin look like real skin and equip you to have all the products and tools you need at your fingertips to create your perfect face, both, at your vanity and on-the-go, the Fenty beauty line are the key steps to starting your makeup look, no matter what look you’re going for.

The line currently has a primer, foundation, concealer, stick and powder highlighter, stick contour, a couple of brushes, a makeup sponge, blotting powder, small portable brushes, and a single lip gloss that is universally flattering across all skin tones.

Here are the things that impressed me most about the collection:

There are 40 shades of foundation.
Forty y’all. FORTY. Goes to show that our girl Riri is serious about making every single woman feel included, even the ones with traditionally hard-to-match skin tones.

The powder highlighters are next-level
The Killawatt highlighters are special in a way most aren’t. Half of it provides a subtle, pretty, lit-from-within glow for the daytime, while the other half really amps up the oomph factor for a glimmery night-time sparkle. It is also in a small compact that is easy enough to throw into your bag and update your look for post-work drinks.

The portable lipstick-like brushes are exactly what women want
Honestly, where have these been all my life? All everyone’s life? Brushes so tiny they look like lipsticks, take up no additional handbag space and are just perfect for concealer / contour / blush / highlight touch-ups on-the-go? All I can say is YAAAS. Another little indication that Riri is really paying attention to what women want – I wish I’d known about these before I’d splurged on my Charlotte Tilbury portable brush set!

Some of the products are magnetized
The future is officially here – this is not a drill! For example, you can create a handbag-friendly Match Sticks Trio with concealer, contour and highlight custom selected for your skin tone and they stick together so you’re not fumbling around in your handbag! Also, one of the previously mentioned lipstick-sized brushes stick on to the Invisimatte Blotting Powder compact, making touch-ups a total breeze!

The colour charts blew. me. away
To make your life reallllly easy, Riri has created little custom colour charts. You start by getting a Fenty makeup artist to help you select your ideal foundation shade, and it all goes from there. Once you’ve found the right shade, the little colour charts tell you exactly what shade of Fenty concealer, highlighter and contour match you perfectly, so you don’t need to worry your pretty little head about a thing! I mean, why don’t all brands do this? Everyone I spoke to at the event were so, so impressed by this feature and how simple it made makeup shopping. We all agreed that we’d be far more likely to buy products from the same brand if they all did this, too, rather than buying a foundation at one brand and then hopping over to other brands for blushes, concealers and lipsticks. Absolute genius!

Overall, I am very impressed with the range. The branding is so modern and fresh, the products are innovative and like I said before, they’re really listening to what real women want. Now I’m off to check myself out in the mirror because my Killawatt highlight be poppin’! See you at the next post! x


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