The Bank Holiday Weekend In Pictures

My outfit for Moji’s birthday celebrations plus a tipsy picture of the unlimited Prosecco deal we managed to get

Sometimes, when a holiday just isn’t an option, a weekend worth of spending quality time with your favourite people, persuing hobbies and eating great food (washed down with Prosecco, of course), can be just as fulfilling. Which is exactly how we decided to spend this long weekend. The fact that it was consistantly sunny without so much as a cloud in the sky for all three days was just the icing on the cake.

Albert’s Schloss all dressed up for the summer and proudly supporting the Manchester Pride festival that weekend


James and I both awoke early-ish and while he embarked on a long bike ride in the countryside with a friend, I used the time to attend a zumba class at my gym and then came home and spent a little time beautifying (sheet masque, DIY pedi and the like). After we were both showered, dressed and downed sandwiches after our workouts, we decided to go have a look at some cars as James was considering an upgrade on his.

I then came home, curled my hair and got my makeup on for a night out celebrating my friend Moji’s birthday.

James’ dessert at Albert’s Schloss – Ollie Bollen served with ice cream


I spent most of the next day feeling rather worse for wear after said night out, so James used the time to catch up on some box sets and we ordered in breakfast burritos from a little cafe near us. After one of James’ miracle hangover cure drinks (still no idea what’s in them, but I like to believe its magic), we ventured out into town and ended up at one of our favourite restaurants, Albert’s Schloss, where we shared an absolutely glorious meal which I washed down with strawberry beer.

We passed a casino on our way to the tram station and since neither of us was quite ready to go home yet, we got a drink and played a couple of rounds of blackjack for fun before going home to the kids (aka our dogs, Poppy and Millie).

My sunny Saturday OOTD


Don’t you just love it when Monday is cancelled? James used the opportunity to pack in another bike ride while I woke up that morning and rather unexpectedly decided that I wanted to bake, which is funny as I’m not a natural in the kitchen and have never actually baked anything that didn’t come out of a ready-mix box before.

I saw a recipe for apple and cream cheese roses on Pinterest that I thought looked both, easy and delicious, so I dressed and popped to the supermarket to buy everything I needed. They were ready fairly quickly and I was a bit suprised when they came out of the oven looking and tasting absolutely perfect! Win!

His and hers beers

We spent the afternoon watching the latest episodes of the shows we both enjoyed and then went to the Trafford Centre where we stopped to get a Five Guys and then watch Dunkirk. We don’t go to the cinema together very often because we have such vastly different tastes in movies and it isn’t really worth the price if it isn’t a movie you both want to watch. However, we both studied history at university and are war movie buffs, so it seemed like the perfect choice. Not to mention that One Direction’s Harry Styles who had his acting debut in the movie was originally from the same village in Cheshire where James grew up and where we lived for the first year of our marriage.

Delicious strawberry beer and my favourite summer sandals

So there you have it. What did you get up to over the long weekend? I’d love to know, so drop me a comment in the comment box below! Have a great week ahead knowing there’s only two more days till the next weekend! Woohoo!

My first time trying a Baked Alaska
Enjoying the last few days of summer
My gorgeous apple and cream cheese roses
I collect all the tickets from dates, outings and holidays and put them in a memory box I started when we first started going out
Peanut butter milkshakes are my absolute favourite, especially when they’re from Five Guys

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