I’ve Been Nominated For an Award!


I was scouring the internet for the perfect wrap shirt whilst simultaneously watching really bad reality TV the other night when a little notifcation popped up from Instagram – The Northern Blog Awards had tagged me in a post stating they had nominated me, along with nineteen other lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and parenting bloggers for the best Instagram awards in the North of England.

Now, this isn’t just any random blog badge you attach to your page because another blogger nominated you for a fake ‘award’ (remember those from old school Blogspot circa 2010 when Google Friend Connect was still a thing?) I digress. This is a proper glamorous, red carpet event held in September where bloggers from various categories will come together from the North of England to receive their awards and I am SO excited!

I’ve already asked James, my hot date for the night (obvs) to clear his diary and take his suit to the dry cleaners and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t feverishly been stalking Asos looking for the perfect dress.

Would I be disappointed if I didn’t win? Hell, no! Whatever the outcome is, it is a huge honour just to be nominated and it means so much to me that while I’m still the new girl in town, that someone, somewhere has noticed and has appreciated my work.

Also, I’ve had a look at some of the other nominees’ Instagram accounts and have been blown away, so I don’t expect to win. However, I am excited that my feed has gotten a whole lot more exciting and inspiring after following them and I look forward to meeting them all in person and hopefully making friends this September.

In case you’d like to give your own Instagram feed a bit of a refresh, I highly recommend giving my very talented fellow nominees a follow: @blushandnoise, @manvsglobe, me_and_orla, @mossonyi, @glutenfreeaddictxo, @jojo_oh_jojo, @landlblog, @lilykatefrance, @makedoandpush, @sheflourished_, @ashtongibbs, @danniellelily, @thelovecatsinc, @emshelx, @shotfromthestreet, @alicecatherine, @sophia_rosemary, @meganellaby, stephiLaReine.

I’m not going to lie, I needed a little pick-me-up after my mum’s trip was cancelled, the Ariana Grande concert and then our trip to Turkey fell through because of my damaged passport, and I’m so grateful that this is it! Counting the days off in my calender – its going to be one hell of a night!

Also, a huge thank you to my gorgeous husband who puts up with my need for outfit shots whenever we’re out, patient friends who wait till their food goes cold so I get the perfect shot, my mum for treating me to my camera just because she believes in me and every photographer I’ve ever worked with for getting my Instagram to this stage. Drinks on me!

Photo credit: Askara Zagday @ Yellow Pixel.


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