BRB – Off To Turkey

Last year, it seemed like all we did was travel, which is why, save from our little trip to Milan in March, this year has seemed a little quiet so far. However, things look they’re about to get a whole lot more interesting as James has booked us a spontaneous holiday to Olu Deniz for my birthday this week!

My original plan for my 28th birthday was to have my mum visit. We were going to go get breakfast at my favourite place in town, then do a little shopping, then head to the countryside to have afternoon tea with James’ family and then James and I were going to go on a date just the two of us with dinner, drinks, etc.

However, my mum has been a little unwell lately and wasn’t feeling up to traveling, so James booked us a little holiday since he had taken leave for her visit anyway and all my plans had fallen through.

However, the only small issue with a spontaneous holiday (not that I’m complaining!) is that you aren’t always prepared for them. In fact, I was so unprepared that I’ve barely had a chance to do my nails or get any waxing done. And all my holiday clothes – swimsuits, kaftans, sandals, summer dresses and the like are back home in Mumbai as that’s where I last wore them.

I was hoping for a trip back home earlier this year that didn’t happen, and then I was banking on mum bringing them over when she came. But when that didn’t happen and I had no clothes to take on my trip, I’ve had to put all my online shopping skills to the test (and almost every brand imaginable’s Next Day Delivery service) to put together a little capsule wardrobe to wear on my trip.

In fact, Im still waiting for a few items to be delivered tomorrow morning and we leave for the airport at 1pm! Talk about cutting it fine! I’m feeling nervous just thinking about it. Deep breaths.

Anyway, I’m off to find my beach towel, charge my selfie stick and watch the last episode of Love Island before we leave for the week. Needless to say, the blog will be pretty quiet all week, save for a special post I’ve written for my birthday – so watch out for that this Tuesday. You can follow all my adventures from Olu Deniz, Turkey on Instagram – I’m ‘mascaraeverysaturday’ in case you didn’t know already. See you soon! x


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