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Well, hello there. It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I’m not going to lie, I’ve been out of comission since my friend and I were involved in a not-so-great experience (to put it mildly) a couple of weeks ago. if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know what I’m talking about and I promise I’ll write a post on everything that happened when I’m ready to talk about it. I’ve taken a few weeks to just sort my head out and recover emotionally,  but I’m feeling ready to get back to blogging now, so here I am.

Like I often do, I’m going to dive into my first post back since my brief hiatus by making a confession – I am the world’s worst gift giver! Honestly. James is the one in our relationship who nails the perfect present every. single. time. He rarely follows my bi-annual birthday / Christmas present spreadsheet (yes, I am that much of a nerd), but somehow, knows me so well that he knows exactly what I want even when it isn’t on the spreadsheet, and when I open it, I often wonder how I’ve survived without it all this time.

I on the other hand, struggle with presents for just about everyone I know and tend to stick to generic presents for my girlfriends (candles, jewellery, body butter, bath bombs and makeup), flowers and wine for people I’m not too close to, breakfast in bed for close relatives and poor James ends up getting the same Molton Brown bath products as a ‘surprise’ present while the rest of his wish-list is pretty much followed to a tee (honestly, I cannot get by without his wish-list – I’d be totally stumped!)

With regards to family presents, James always hunts down the perfect first edition WWII book for grandpa, the tea towel grandma mentioned she wanted once years ago, the turntable that would be the perfect fit for that empty corner in his brother’s bedroom or the perfect perfume or fitness watch for his mum, whereas I just sit around feeling rather useless and contribute my half of the money, but not my half of the effort. Even the dogs have come to expect their annual Christmas dish + toy combination from me. I’m not even going to talk about how much I totally suck at suprise parties and presents (its embarassing).

Anyway, I decided not too long ago that I would start planning well in advance for occasions, so I have a better chance of getting the people I love presents they’ll actually enjoy. And I thought it’d be nice to share some of these ideas with you, in case you struggle with gifting as much as I do.

So here you have it, ladies and gents(?), my first gifting idea on Mascara Every Saturday is the humble phone cover. Except there’s nothing humble about this phone cover. This phone cover has got it and so she flaunts it cos girl she knows you want it.

Something I say very often to my friends is “Go custom or go home” and that is because if it were up to me, I’d customize and personalize everything I owned. Which is why I’m such a huge fan of the Tinkalink phone covers – you practically get to build it from scratch, exactly the way you want. For starters, you hop on over to their website and choose what phone model you want a case for. Then you pick what skin or ‘base’ you’d like (I chose rose gold glitter) and then comes the best part – you get to customize it with hundreds of different ‘charms’ which stick on to the skin to make it uniquely ‘you’.

I chose some gold stars, but you can have an assortment, including little letters that spell out your name or your initials. Cool, huh? I think that one of these babies would make a great present for a girlfriend or sister. Pick her favourite colours and charms that remind you of her personality, or get her a Tinkalink gift card, let her loose on their website and watch her spend hours making her dream case come alive.

How much this costs depends upon how many charms you get, but the case and skin together cost £25 and each charm is roughly between £5-7. So ideally, you could get her a unique, novel, creative present she’ll love putting together for under £50.

When the case arrives (they offer free delivery on all orders – woohoo!), the fun doesn’t stop because you get to assemble it yourself. Start by sticking the skin to the back of your phone (it doesn’t damage your phone – I checked), then stick your charms wherever you want them and then place a protective screen they provide you with into a plastic case and put it onto the back of your phone like you would any phone case. Et voila! You’re good to go! No more boring flowers, candles or bottle of wine for you!

I’m thinking of making these gifting posts into a category / series on my blog. Would you like to see more posts like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. See you at the next post!


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