Weight Loss Diary – Week 3


Don’t know why I’ve chosen an image with fruit and yoghurt in it for this post, because, to be entirely honest, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Where’s my weekly food diary, you ask? Good question. I got really complacent with myself this week and I didn’t track what I ate and as a result, instead of losing any weight, I actually gained half a pound!

In addition to this, I injured myself in the gym last week (will write a post on how it happened soon, so you can avoid the same mistake) and haven’t been able to work out. I’ve just been resting my shoulder as much as I can and since I haven’t been as active, it probably hasn’t helped the situation either.

I’m feeling pretty down and out right now since I can’t do simple things like wash my hair or take blog photos, but if I’ve learned anything, it is that tracking your food is still important. So if I can’t exercise this coming week, I’m going to have to try and be better with my food and not exceed my points limit at all.

While I will share my food diary with you next week, I will not be attending my Weight Watchers meeting to be weighed next Thursday because one of my dogs is having a procedure done that day, so the next time you get a weight loss update will probably be Friday the 12th of May.

Trying to stay strong, positive and on track till then, given the circumstances, so wish me luck!

{Photo Credit: Lauren Schwaiger}


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