Youtube’s Most Sensationalized Makeup Products – Tested

I’m not going to lie, but I’m a bit of a Youtube addict. Beauty tutorials in particular. Nothing cheers me up like trying out a new makeup look, technique or product after watching them being championed by the likes of my favourites – Kaushal, Huda, Nikkie, Sarah and Wayne (they have no idea who I am but in my head, we know each other on a first-name basis. #fangirl #creepmuch)

My Youtube addiction combined with my shopping addiction isn’t the most healthy combination. A few videos and some feverish ‘Add to Cart’ clicks later, my Boots and shopping baskets are dangerously full, and a couple of short days later, the glorious moment when my beloved beauty treats arrive at my very doorstep is upon me.

Not every product turns out to be a keeper, though. In fact, a lot of them are returned because they just don’t make the cut. For me, I either have to fall hopelessly in love with a product and use it every single day, or I just won’t like it and return it. And sometimes, things make the ‘practical’ list – things I need or could use that aren’t very exciting but I need them anyway for a full and functional kit (black liquid eyeshadow and the like).

Here are a few of the most-recommended products by Youtubers that I’ve been able to get my hands on and take out for a spin for myself:

(1) Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip

To be honest, I just wanted a metallic liquid lipstick, and ordered this one because I’d heard a bit about the brand and fell in love with the shade ‘Royal Tea’. Every Youtube tutorial claims this lippie is ‘bullet proof’ and does not budge for 24hours! In fact, you need to pay the same price of one of the lipsticks to buy a special remover to take the product off. Because I’m a cheapskate, I searched for a video that teaches you ho to remove it without the remover, and found one that suggests using oil. When mine arrived and I tried to apply it, it went on rather patchy and the colour was a lot more brown that it appeared on the website.

Now, even though I left it dry with my mouth open for ten minutes (so my lips wouldn’t touch), the second I closed my mouth, lipstick from the top lip stuck to the bottom and vice versa, and actually left behind visible layers of the product! After trying to like it for 30mins, I eventually gave up and tried to take it off. I first tried makeup wipes but didn’t expect results, which I didn’t get. I then tried a facial oil I had in my medicine cabinet and had no luck. I then started to worry and went to my kitchen for some olive oil. I soaked my lips in the oil for ten minutes, hoping it would dissolve the product. However, after rubbing the oil + lipstick off my lips first with makeup wipes and then with cotton for 30mins, I was finally able to get it off although my whole mouth looked really red!

Verdict: I would NOT recommend this product! It isn’t worth the price (lipstick + remover together = £30) and without the remover, you’ll be stuck scrubbing your lips forever and making them all sore. It would be so much easier to just reapply a normal lipstick!

(2) Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I have to admit, I was skeptical of this one, as I am of most under eye products. Probably a little more so because its expensive. I must have tried about 200 eye creams and about 75 concealers in my lifetime so far, and none of them have succeeded in improving the look of my dark brown under eye circles.

And then this little pot of magic came along. A lot of Youtubers tell you to use an orange corrector under your concealer to correct the purple hues in under eye circles. However, if, like me, you have Asian skin and your under eye circles aren’t purple (caused by broken capillaries and genes), but are brown (caused by hyperpigmentation due to sun damage in warm countries), a pink concealer is the best plan of attack.

This pale pink, iridescent corrector is considered ‘backlighting’ for your concealer. It has quite a sticky texture but is still easy to spread over the area. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it works. Somehow, this coupled with my MAC Pro Longwear concealer are my secret weapon for battling under eye circles and practically wipes them off my face entirely!

Verdict: This product is such a win! It has skyrocketed to the top of my everyday product list – I can’t live without it and can’t recommend it enough!

(3) The Vamp Stamp

Let’s just be honest with each other, k? Winged liner is hard. It is JUST. SO. HARD! Which is why I am always on the lookout for little cheats to help me get it right with less stress. I honestly believe that women stand a better chance of becoming surgeons if they can master the perfect winged liner. No jokes.

I ordered this one almost as soon as I saw it whilst browsing Cultbeauty. I thought it was absolute genius and secretly shamed the universe for not thinking of this brilliant idea sooner! Well, apparently, so did the rest of the world – the waiting list for this was huge and it took about ten days to come back in stock, after which it was sold out almost immediately! The Vamp Stamp is a little stamp in the shape of a triangle you coat with eyeliner and then just press into the outer corner of your eye. Voila! The perfect wing every time!

The Vamp Stamp is a little stamp in the shape of a triangle you coat with eyeliner and then just press into the outer corner of your eye. Voila! The perfect wing every time!

Okay, not quite. The stamp works best when pressed into a pot of cushion / gel eyeliner (which they also sell and can be bought separately). I painted mine with my usual liquid eyeliner and while it worked okay, it came out fairly patchy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with the patchiness. Its easy enough to fill in and still acts as a good general guideline / stencil for your wing which you then just connect to the rest of your liner on the lid.

What bothered me was the size of the wing. Even though I ordered a Medium size (smallest at the moment) instead of a Large, I felt like the wing was still about double the size of the wings I usually draw on and was far too dramatic for any of the events I had going on in my life!

Verdict: I did return this because the wing was larger than I had hoped for, but there are rumours saying they plan to launch a smaller size, in which case, you know who’ll be at the top of that waiting list!

(4) Mac Fix Plus Spray

Every Youtuber and her brother-in-law use the MAC Fix Plus Spray to set their makeup. You know what I’m talkin’ bout. Its hard to find a video that doesn’t end in a flourish with a spritz of this bad boy.

So here’s my confession. I’ve bought it, but I’ve actually been terrified to use it. I mean, they make it look so simple. As second nature as breathing almost. But I have so many questions in my head! What if I spray too much and my face looks wet? How long does it take to dry? What if I spray too much and it starts to drip down my face, taking all my makeup with it and ruining all my hard work from the past 45 minutes?!

The one time I did use it (I tread carefully with the smallest spritz ever), I felt like it achieved absolutely nothing and made no difference in the staying power of my makeup whatsoever. What I do actually use it for is to dilute thick foundations. Sometimes, in the summer, a girl just wants to go as light as she possibly can for her base, and during these times, I love my foundation to be as thin and watery as possible. This is just perfect for that!

Verdict: I won’t buy this again because I don’t get much use out of it and feels like it made no difference to my makeup. I could also easily find a cheaper alternative to dilute my foundation with.

(5) Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

I’ve heard a fair few Youtubers rave about this product and how it is the only powder that completely eliminates their under-eye creasing.

I used this powder every single day for a week and noticed no difference in the brightness or creasing under my eye. In fact, it actually makes the area look more grey! The £2 natural coloured powder I use to mattify my face has a better effect on my under eyes than this.

Verdict: Total ripoff. So not worth the hefty price tag and I wouldn’t recommend splashing out on this when it offers even worse results than a drugstore loose powder.

(6) The Beautyblender

Can you think of a single Youtube beauty tutorial you’ve watched where the influencer doesn’t use a Beautyblender (or isn’t trying to find a dupe)? I sure as hell can’t.

I ordered myself a Beautyblender Pro On The Go kit from their official website because I felt that it was better value for money than just ordering a single BB sponge.

However, I had such a terrible experience with the delivery and customer service from the Beautyblender company, that it was hard to not let that taint my view of the product before I had a chance to try it. I returned it once it eventually arrived (over 2 weeks after I ordered it!) and then bought one from Boots instead.

Here’s my full review on it.

Verdict: The product is okay, but I would strongly recommend not buying it from their official website as delivery and customer service is absolutely appalling. I get better results from a wedge sponge I was given for free at a MAC store.


I’m hoping to try a few more and do another post like this soon. Hopefully with the Urban Decay Naked Palette, the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and more. If you have any requests or if you’ve tried any of the products listed above yourself and have a different opinion, share them with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts! See you at the next post xx

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Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip, Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, The Vamp Stamp, MAC Fix Plus Spray, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, The Beautyblender


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