A Day At The Four Seasons

I don’t know if its all the walking we did on our anniversary trip to Milan recently (a minimum of 22,000 steps a day is no joke!) or the fact that from the start of this year, I haven’t had the chance to take a beat with my new internship, zumba classes, old blog finally breaking and completely setting up a new one from scratch, keeping up with a steady stream of blog content, driving lessons and a super active social life, but I’m tired all the time. Burnout, I think they call it.


And while I do get the occasional day off while I’m not at my internship or working on blog content, I tend to not be the sort of person who can take time out to just rest. I’m one of those annoying, always on-the-go people who combines relaxation with productivity – I’ll have a sheet masque on while I’m tidying and hoovering the apartment, I respond to emails, post to social media, make to-do lists and discover new music whilst on the bus and I’ll usually be editing photos whilst watching tv with James in the evenings.


My mind has moved on to the next five tasks before I’ve even managed to finish the one I’m doing and, to be honest, I’ve overstretched myself a little lately and I’m starting to really feel it, both mentally and physically.


Which is why, in an attempt to calm my hyper active self and not have a meltdown before I hit thirty, I’m throwing it back to the last time I truly felt relaxed – on my trip back home to Mumbai in November. The Four Seasons hotel treated me to a day of ultimate indulgence where I did nothing but focus on some much needed me-time.


I started my day around noon in the sunny Cafe Prato, where I was served a delicious, light and healthy meal of a goat’s cheese salad with walnuts, seafood and chicken washed down with a chilled watermelon juice – my favourite!


I was then expertly navigated upstairs to their spa, where I was given a white fluffy robe, some hotel slippers and a cup of jasmine tea while I waited for my masseuse. Honestly, just slipping on the robe and sipping on my tea made me feel like all the stress was just melting away, but then I was led through to a dimly lit room with tranquil music playing where I had the most relaxing deep tissue massage of my life. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep in there and I’m really, really hoping I didn’t snore, but I left the room feeling like a whole new woman and like all the tension had been released from my back and shoulders.


Really though, I emerged from the spa feeling like the sun’s rays were beaming out of my face. More relaxed than I had been in, I don’t know, forever, I made my way to the pool to spend some quiet time catching up with my thoughts, whilst relaxing and reflecting with a cocktail.


I spent a good part of the afternoon and early evening sprawled on a sunbed with a magazine and a drink trying to soak up as much Vitamin D as I could (as I’m sure you all know, the sun is a rare treat in the UK, so I try to enjoy whatever little sunshine I have access to to the max whenever I manage to get any).

When I started to get too warm, I dipped my toes in the water and eventually abandoned my loyal companion of a cocktail for a dive in the cool blue, solace of the pool and believe me when I say this, that swim left me more energized and invigorated than I’d ever imagined I could feel.

It was hard, but I eventually did abandon my beloved deck chair and migrated into the spa changing rooms for a shower and a quick makeup refresh before the next part of my evening. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. All I was told was that I should dress up, and seeing as though that is one of my favourite things to do anyway and so far, The Four Seasons hadn’t disappointed me even once, I was pretty excited to discover what came next!

When I was finally ready (y’all know I take my time!) I was taken upstairs to Aer, the rooftop lounge /bar on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons, with the most incredible panoramic views of the city.

I was particularly thrilled to be at Aer again as I had spent many a memorable night here drinking cocktails with my girlfriends, had brought James to Aer on our third date for a better view of the city and, get this, I even shot my first ever outfit post in the girl’s bathroom at Aer, six years ago when I first started blogging! At that moment, it definitely felt like life had come full circle for me and it felt really, really good.

I chatted with the friendly barmen whilst soaking in the breathtaking view, and they taught me how to mix a couple of my favourite cocktails as the sun set over the city and on my wonderful day at the hotel.

Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, I felt ready to go back to reality, knowing fully well that I’d be booking myself in for another ‘me-day’ at the Four Seasons when I’m back in town next. Who knows? This could become a thing.

I’d sell a vital organ to be back on that massage table or by the pool with the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin right now, but I know that when I’m back there on my next visit home, it will be so worth the wait. For now, I’m feeling a little more zen just thinking about it. See you at the next post!

{Photography} Askara Zagday @ The Yellow Pixel

{Outfit Details}

Look 1: Bodysuit: Stalk Buy Love | Trousers and vest: Primark

Look 2: Dress: Stalk Buy Love | Sunglasses: Vogue Eyewear

Look 3: Dress and bag: Zara | Sandals: H&M | Necklace: Vero Moda | Sunglases: Vogue Eyewear

{Location Courtesy} The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

This post has been in association with The Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai.



  1. March 20, 2017 / 8:07 am

    Looks like an amazing get away and much needed too!

  2. March 20, 2017 / 8:46 am

    This looks amazing! I’m definitely one of those people who mixes relaxation with productivity too but here looks like absolute bliss

    Katie xo

  3. Sarah
    April 4, 2017 / 7:33 am

    Hi Anushka,

    My name is Sarah. We are a PR firm based in Mumbai with a range of fashion and lifestyle clients, including the likes of Krishna Mehta. We would like to send you information on the same. We also constantly source outfits to Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Femina and so on. Could you share your contact details so that we can send you information on our clients

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