Random Musings – Women’s Day, Instagram and the Best Fan Letter Ever

Since I re-launched my blog as Mascara Every Saturday, part of what I wanted to do was strip things back to the basics of blogging. Y’know. Go back to where and how it all started – where people actually shared their thoughts and opinions on subjects, before it became all about collaborations, making money and brands, brands, brands. This is my attempt at that. Here are a few thoughts floating around in my head at the minute and a few little happenings keeping me afloat:

I had the best Women’s Day ever

I’ve always considered myself a feminist and pretty much anybody who has crossed my path knows it, but when it comes to women’s marches and being super vocal on social media on Women’s Day, I tend to stay in the background a little bit. I do my part for fellow women by working with a wonderful organization,  Smart Works, that help women back into employment with styling advice, interview clothing and coaching so they can go on to start a new, independent chapter of their lives.

I’m more of a behind-the-scenes person usually, but when they asked me to speak at an event on Women’s Day, telling people all about the good work that we do for women throughout the year, I just couldn’t say no. Although it was only my first or second time speaking in public and my initial reaction was run and hide when they asked, I realized that powerful women face their fears, stand up for what they believe in and support other women in any way they can. I spoke from my heart and was heartily complimented after my little speech. Together with my other two amazing colleagues, we managed to raise £250 for disadvantaged women in the span of under an hour and it felt so, so good!

I then got to visit the Bobbi Brown counter at Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and House Of Fraser and try out the ‘Pretty Powerful’ pot rouge. I love a cream blusher more than most other makeup products, so it was just the icing on the cake that 100% of the proceeds from the sales of that pretty rose shade on Women’s Day went to Smart Works, so we can help even more women in need. Overall, a fantastic day!

I’m disappointed in Instagram

I don’t know about you, but even though I love photography and was obsessed with posting to Instagram in the past, their new algorithm has massively put me off the app. I won’t lie – I’m disappointed. I thought Instagram, especially with Eva Chen as head of fashion partnerships, would value creativity and small-time creators like me. I thought they were on our side. However, since they changed their algorithm, it has become so difficult for even the people that already follow you to see your posts (unless you have millions of followers or they have push notifications turned on for your profile), and it is practically impossible for new people to follow you, because you have zero visibility. My post likes have dropped considerably and I’ve been on 29.9k followers for about a month now, while I’d normally gain at least a hundred new followers a week. And, as you can imagine, the lack of visibility has also affected traffic to blogs and websites, ultimately affecting businesses.

Basically, if you didn’t already have a massive following before the algorithm change, its going to be hella difficult to grow your following now, unless, of course, you resort to bots and weird apps, which I really don’t want to do. All in all, I don’t see the point of posting any of my content exclusively on Instagram or on Instagram first anymore. I’m just going to use my blog as my primary means of sharing information as it is a lot more reliable than social media apps and it a more fool-proof method of tracking site stats. What do you think?

I got the sweetest fan letter of all time last week

Swati, this one’s a shout out to you. I got your email when I was in Milan and I promise I will respond to it as soon as things are a little more settled with my return. I just wanted to say thank you for making my day. Your letter helped me more than my blog could have ever helped you. You’re a star and I’m so lucky to have genuine readers like you. You make this all so worth it. Sending you a big hug and kiss!

I’ve fallen out of love with one of my favourite blogs

Isn’t it sad when this happens? Its like the end of an era. Almost like when you know you’ve outgrown a particular friend but neither of you wants to admit it and it gets really awkward. I’ve been feeling like this about an international blog I’ve followed for years now and while I was so inspired by her life all this time, in the last year, I feel like her outfits leave a lot to be desired lately  (they are either super plain and boring with nothing interesting or quirly about them or a desperate attempt at edgy), she has diluted her blog branding by bringing her team to the forefront so she is no longer the sole face of her blog (the stories they post are far from the interesting ones she used to), and, as horrible as it may sound, she posts too many messy updates of her baby 24×7. Serious overshares that just aren’t cute and that nobody should be posting to social media. I haven’t been able to cut the cord and press the ‘unfollow’ button ust yet, but her content is just not working for me anymore. I no longer relate to her or her life and this weekend, it is time I finally let go.

I made a failed attempt at travel vlogging

I was inspired by a few travel vlogs I watched last week to start making my own. Figured it’d be a nice way to break myself into vlogging as I’m too shy to speak into a camera. So with all the best intentions, I decided to make a vlog of my trip to Milan. I did the standard shots – airplane wing, walking with my suitcase, a panoramic view of the city. Only to discover that I had been shooting in portrait mode and you’re meant to shoot in landscape. That plan crashed and burned fast and I couldn’t be bothered with attempting it again for the rest of the trip when there were pizzas to be eaten and prosecco to be drank. Lots of nice pictures coming soon though, so stay tuned!

See you at the next post! x

{Photography} Oliver @ Suede and Symphony


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