Satin Slips and Sexy Prints


One of the things I love most about blogging is getting to work with some of my favourite fashion and beauty brands that I’ve dreamed of owning since I was a teenager. However, possibly even more exciting, is getting to discover smaller, independent brands that are fresh, relevant and doing it so, so right.



Now, I’m usually the sort of person who loves the thrill of a new discovery – whether it’s a small, independent coffee shop or bakery, a new boutique I discovered in a less frequented part of town, a fascinating show I chanced upon browsing Netflix or even a song I found quite randomly on Spotify before it blows up all over the charts.



However, for me, the shininess of something new tends fade very quickly or as soon as I see somebody I know posting a picture of their chai latte at that new coffee shop on Instagram, anyone below 18 (aka children) shopping at said quirky boutique or that weird guy humming ‘my’ song on the bus.



And as a result, I put a lot of effort into keeping these little treasures a secret. Refusing to share it with even my nearest and dearest, for fear of it becoming commonplace. Does anybody else do this? My friend Nikita and I actually have a standing joke – whenever she sees me wear an item of clothing or a pair of shoes she likes. she says “Should I even bother asking where you got that from?” and I reply with “You know the drill. Either I just don’t tell you, or I lie.”



But today, I’m going to break my own rule. Because I’ve recently chanced upon a new fashion brand that is bold, vintage-inspired and just too cute not to share. I’ve kept it a secret too long and now I’m about to burst, like Joey in that episode of Friends when he finds out about Chandler and Monica but can’t tell anyone. You know the one.



Joanie Clothing is one of my latest little discoveries that I’m absolutely obsessed with. I spotted this adorable lip and lipstick motif shirt on their website a couple of months ago and have since worn it with a black pleather pencil skirt on Christmas day, layered underneath this black sip dress on Valentine’s Day (I thought the lip print coupled with the satin and lace of the slip dress was a sexy but sophisticated touch) and more casually, wrapped around my waist to work. I think it’s both, festive and glamorous and lends just the right amount of interest to an outfit. Oh, did I mention it also comes in dress form and is on sale? Don’t walk, run!



I’m going to try and get better at sharing more of my discoveries with the world here, but for now, I’ll be taking baby steps (in some gorgeous shoes I found at that boutique…) See you at the next post!







Dress: Asos | Shirt: Joanie Clothing | Turtleneck body: Boohoo | Tights: Primark | Bag: Zara (sold out, similar here)| Boots: Dorothy Perkins




  1. March 15, 2017 / 2:09 pm

    i am loving that dress and shoes

  2. March 15, 2017 / 7:06 pm

    I love Joanie clothing and love how you styled the shirt! That bag is also gorgeous

  3. alittlechinwag
    March 15, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    Great post! I really like those boots from Dorothy Perkins. You have a lovely sense of fashion and I look forward to seeing what else you share. 🙂

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