Read This Before You Buy A Pair Of OTK Boots

Ah, over the knee boots. Probably my favourite winter trend of all time. They’ve been around a couple of years now and personally, I’m hoping they don’t go anywhere. They make your legs look fantastic and, at the risk of sounding like my mom, are a great option if you’re dying to wear the new skirt you just bought online, only to discover that it’s a tad shorter than you were expecting.

Also, is it just me who feels really sexy, empowered and also a little like Ariana Grande each time I pull mine on? Ahem, anyway, I bought a pair last year with much gusto, and I genuinely believed I was investing in a fairly practical pair at the time – black so they go with everything and flat so I could wear them often, in the daytime, to walk around and be comfortable in.  Great decision, right? Wrong.

A couple of months or so later, after wearing them only about once or twice a week, my beautiful boots started losing their elasticity and – much to my horror – began to slip down and bunch up around my calves when I walked! I tried everything I could to get them to stay up – double sided tape so the inside of the boot would adhere to my tights (fail), wearing very thick over the knee socks and using a bobby pin on the inside and outside of my leg to fasten it to the sock for support (major fail). And then I found this article on Garance Doré who seems to be a girl after my own heart.

While they were still in great condition, with minimal to negligible suede scuffs and my love for them possibly equaled the love I feel for my first child (Poppy), I had to donate them in the end. I couldn’t have them bunching up and looking like a slouchier version of Uggs each time I left home.

Fast forward to 2017 and I’d like to think I’m an older, wiser, more experienced shopper than I was twelve months ago. Which is why, when winter hit and I was once again on the prowl for the perfect OTK boots, I decided to go with a chunky medium-height block heel so I can wear them, both in the day as well as on nights out whilst still being comfortable. But more importantly, the best decision I made was opting for this year’s updated lace-up OTK boot instead.

I can honestly say, I’ve worn these out a LOT more than last year’s pair, only because being able to lace them up and tighten them like a corset as much as I need to when they start to feel a little loose is the key to buying and owning OTK boots that will last for a hell of a lot more than just one season.

You can shop my exact pair here (I love that they have the same name as my Mom!) and but here are a fee other options that should do you good – Marissa boots, Bianca boots. See you at the next post! x


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