Adding Edge To A Feminine Dress

Adding Edge To A Feminine Dress

I love January just as much as the next girl. And by that, I mean I don’t love it at all. Quite the opposite actually. For me, January is the Monday of the year. Its always freezing, raining or snowing, its always dark and dreary and since everyone is only just recovering from Christmas, we’re all short on funds to treat ourselves to good food or pretty things to make ourselves feel better. #FirstWorldProblems, but legit nonetheless


However, I’ve recently found a not-so-new favourite pass time I’ve fallen in love with all over again, that’s perfect for weekends and evenings in when you can’t bear the thought of stepping out into the punishing three degree weather – picking items from my closet and styling them up in entirely unexpected ways.


Let’s be honest, when we’re getting dressed in the morning, we tend to reach for the same 20% of things we wear on rotation instead of spending a little more time digging through the back of our wardrobes for an oldie but a goodie with something unusual to pair it with. And who can blame us? Time is a precious commodity, especially its when in competition with ten minutes of extra snooze time from an all-too-generous alarm clock and an easily defeated resolve.


However, in addition to a few easy hacks like planning my work outfits for the week in advance and making sure every new item is paired with one old item and one on-trend piece to get most mileage out of my wardrobe while still feeling fresh and relevant, I’ve found that styling items in unexpected ways (with a little help from Pinterest, Polyvore and Street Style blogs, of course) is the best way to shake things up.


Take this ultra feminine jumper dress that Boohoo sent over recently. While I love that its super warm, in my favourite colour, blush pink, and that it has an oh-so-forgiving yet oh-so-flirty little peplum detail, I wanted to style it in a way I never would have before to give it a bit of a sophisticated edge. Here are a few styling ideas and tips on funking up a feminine dress so its relevant for the season:




Dress: Boohoo | Coat: Primark | Boots: MissPap | Bag and choker: Zara



  1. Layer it over a turtleneck
    No jokes. Everything looks more polished when layered over a black or white turtleneck this time of year. Bonus points for practicality as you’ll be nice and bundled up. Its also a great way to channel the 90s trend that’s having its moment in the spotlight right now.
  2. Swap out basic black tights for fishnets
    You might be slightly chillier than you anticipated in January if you follow this trend, but believe me, you’ll be scoring yourself some major brownie points for being bang on trend – fishnets are hot, hot, hot right now!
  3. Add an on-trend accessory
    My favourite hack to updating a basic look to feel very right now is to add a black choker. They go with everything and instantly look like you made an effort – perfect for those days you’re running late.
  4. Pair it with tough-girl details like leather or hardware
    Leather, buckles, studs and zips instantly add texture and a cool bad-girl biker vibe to the girliest of girly get-ups.
  5. Enlist your old denim jacket
    Child’s play – we all have one lying somewhere at the back of our closets. Dig yours out and tie it around your waist, Not only is this 90s trend incredibly flattering (hello newly cinched waist and concealed food baby), but is also a big hit with the street style set. And let’s face it, they know their sh*t. Good news – you can also drape it over your shoulders as a cape to score style points.
  6. Throw in a statement boot for good measure
    Warning! You may be tempted to stick to your comfort zone and pick a classic pump with a stiletto heel to go with a ladylike dress. This time, break your own mould by picking one of the season’s biggest boot trends – glitter, embroidered, thigh high, perspex or one with a perspex chunky block heel.
  7. Team it with elevated basics
    Not feeling like going gung ho on the trend front? Hey, we all have our days. Opt instead for classics – black flats and a black bag with a relatively understated coat. Just make sure the pieces you pick have an interesting detail to them to make your outfit look classy and put-together at the same time. Check out this and this to know what I mean.
  8. Trade your usual handbag for a backpack
    The cool-girl way to look instantly on-trend even if the rest of your outfit is as basic as a pumpkin spiced latte and yoga pants.
  9. Up your hair game
    If you don’t fancy investing in fishnets, chokers or any of the other trends listed in this post, the easiest way to add edge to an outfit is to sport one of the season’s hottest hairstyles. The best part about it? Its completely free – all you need is a couple of hair ties (which you already own) and an internet connection to find a Youtube tutorial on ‘Boxer braids’ or the ‘Half Up Topknot’.
  10. Light on the dress, heavy on the face
    A quote from my favourite episode of Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ that makes me lol every time. And this is probably one of the only cases in the world where the statement applies. If you want to add edge to a very twee outfit, pack some punch into your look with killer makeup – think a dark smokey eye, some sharp AF winged liner or a deep wine lip.

Have you tried any of these tips in your outfits recently? Share them with me in the comments box below or on social media. I’m ‘@bombaybubble’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. See you at the next post!







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