Botanical Bomber Jacket


They say you should never wear more than one, maybe two trends in an outfit, but I was never one to play by the rules. In fact, if you hadn’t seen these photos, but I’d have described an outfit with a half-up topknot, a metallic dress, a bomber jacket, a choker and a circular handle bag to you, you’d have immediately thought it sounds like there’d be a LOT going on.


Sadly, when you love fashion as much as I do, sometimes, picking between trends sometimes feels like having to choose between your own children, which is why I often get carried away and sprinkle my outfits with a few of them at a time.



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But here’s the thing. You totally can wear all your favourite trends in an outfit if you learn how to balance things out right.


The formula is a delicate one. The key trick to incorporating a cluster of trends into one look is to keep your palette as neutral as possible with maybe one colour pop, and keep each piece as casual or understated as possible, with one or two focal pieces. In this case, the jacket.


Since the metallic dress was casual, relaxed -tshirt style with a subtle sheen, it looked more like a neutral grey day dress instead of an all-out disco ball party dress. Plus it was toned down even further by being covered by a slouchy bomber, and so it worked perfectly for the daytime.


Similarly , if I had paired the look with heels instead of comfy kicks it would have instantly looked like I was trying too hard. Or if I had picked a stark black choker to compliment the look instead of a barely-there perspex one, it would have looked a tad harsh.


My favourite trick to pulling off this look is to unify the trends by pulling them together with a similar colour or detail. In this case, the silver circular hardware detail on the choker ties in perfectly with the handles on the bag and the little zipper detail on the shoes, making all the different pieces in the outfit look as if they belong together instead of looking disjointed.


Hair and makeup is important as well. The half-up topknot is a big trend, yes. However, it is still a very casual one that involves zero effort and looks it, too. Complimented with nude lips and clean skin instead of a loud mouth or winged liner, it all works harmoniously to create a look that is perfect for a daytime fashion event, meeting your friends for lunch and shopping or a couple of casual meetings thrown in with a quick errand or two.


How many trends have you worn in one outfit and which ones are they? Share them with me in the comment box below or by chatting to me on social media – I’m ‘bombaybubble’ on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. See you at the next post!


{PHOTOGRAPHY} Askara Zagday @ Yellow Pixel

{OUTFIT DETAILS} Dress: Primark | Jacket: c/o LastInch | Bag: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Shoes: Stradivarius | Choker: Boohoo | Sunnies: Miu Miu




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