20 Genius Beauty Hacks With Vaseline

20 Genius Beauty Hacks With Vaseline


Let’s face it. While we’re all about expensive new foundations and the latest formula in lipstick, there’s one hero product that costs next to nothing, has been around since our grandmothers’ time and that never has left our beauty bags – the humble jar of Vaseline. We all have an old jar lying around somewhere that we rely on when we run out of makeup remover, need help putting in a piercing or don’t fancy splurging on an expensive cuticle oil for an at-home mani.


Vaseline has recently collaborated with Lulu Guinness in the UK to launch a limited edition and too-adorabe-for-words tin of petroleum jelly as a part of Lulu’s new doll face collection. The second I set my eyes on it on Instagram, I rushed over to the Boots website to order myself one to no avail – they were all sold out. After a few more futile tries at other leading beauty websites (and eBay where they are now selling for upto £54 – mental!) I managed to track down four tins at Superdrug – one for my handbag, one for by my bed, one for my car and one for my beauty junkie best friend.


What’s interesting is that while the tin reads ‘lip therapy’, I’ve been using mine as an eye balm and have been waking up to the smoothest under eyes ever! Which led me to want to celebrate the little miracle’s new designer facelift by sharing a few other beauty hacks I use Vaseline for on the regular.


  1. When I run out of highlighter
    I just dab a little bit onto my cheekbones for a lit-from-within glow that catches the light every time I smile.
  2. To make my own lip balm
    Isn’t it just the most frustrating thing when your favourite breaks? Next time, spare yourself the tears by smashing up the broken lipstick, mixing it together with Vaseline (add more Lipstick than Valvoline if you want it more pigmented) and put the mixture in the microwave for 45 seconds. When you remove it, pour the liquid into a lip balm jar and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Same concept if you want to make a cream blush with a broken blusher.
  3. As a nourishing eye balm
    Give your eye cream a boost by slathering on a thin layer of Vaseline all over your eye contour after you apply your eye cream before bed. The Vaseline forms a protective barrier and prevents loss of vital moisture and essential vitamins that would usually rub off on your pillow or disappear overnight.
  4. Whilst colouring my hair at home
    I’m not above a little out-of-the-box DIY hair colour, but what I don’t like is when even though I’m super careful, I manage to get the colour on my forehead and temples, right along my hairline. I apply a layer of Vaseline around my hairline before I start applying the colour and voila! No awful hair dye stains!
  5. For an at-home manicure
    Same issue with nail varnish getting all over my cuticles when its the end of the month and I have no choice but to give myself an at-home mani. A thin layer of Vaseline not only nourishes the cuticles, but also prevents nail varnish from sticking to them, living you with a much neater, cleaner look.
  6. To groom my brows
    When I run out of transparent mascara, a simple add just a smidgen of Vaseline to a spoolie and use it to brush my brows in place. Trust me, they stay put all day!
  7. As an eye makeup remover
    When I am out of makeup wipes or eye makeup remover after a night out, I coat my eyeshadow, liner and lashes in Vaseline for a couple of minutes and then simply wipe off with a cotton pad.
  8. To nourish my dry zones
    Dry winter air is harsh on the best of us. A great moisturizer is key, but dabbing some Vaseline on the driest parts of my face (like the sides of my mouth and nose) prevent moisture loss and give my skincare an additional boost.
  9. As a body illuminator
    Every girl likes to look glowy and glamorous on a night out. I mix a little liquid or powder bronzer with a bit of shimmer with some Vaseline and then slather it over my arms, legs, collar bone and decolletage for a sexy just-back-from-holiday glow.
  10. To slough off flaky lip debris
    My DIY peppermint sugar lib scrub that is 90% made up of Vaseline is the easiest, quickest and gentlest way to have your lips feeling smooth, supple and soft as a baby’s backside. Try it now and thank me later!
  11. To heal a curling iron burn
    We’ve all had them at some point. I learned the hard way (my hands have the scars to prove it) that if you immediately apply Vaseline to the affected area, it cools and calms the inflammation and reduces your chance of scarring drastically.
  12. To make my perfume last longer
    This is one of my favourite tricks – dab a little Vaseline to areas where you’d normally apply your perfume like the inside of your wrists, your decolletage, behind the ears, etc. before you spray you perfume on for a scent that will last all. day. long.
  13. After a gel manicure
    I love, love, love the high shine and long-lasting effect of the gel manicure as much as the next girl, but when it starts to grow out I either peel it off (terrible, I know!) or get it taken off at the salon where they soak it in polish remover, leaving the surface of my nails very dry and uneven. To bring them back to life and give them a natural shine again, all I do is rub a little Vaseline on them a coule of times a day and they’re back to their original glory in no time!
  14. To strengthen my serum and moisturizer
    Vaseline forms a protective barrier on the skin that prevents moisture from escaping. And in the case of all the good stuff you feed your skin via your serum and night cream, slathering your face with a thin layer of Vaseline after your nightly regime helps trap in all the essential vitamins and minerals from the products, helping make them stronger and more effective, so you see more concentrated results quicker.
  15. To help tame flyaways
    Nothing more annoying than the little baby hairs and flyaways that bring down the look of your fresh, new blowdry. Keep them out of your way by putting the tiniest amount of Vaseline on an old toothbrush and lightly brushing them in to the rest of your hair. Careful though, use any more than just a smidgen and it might make your hair look a tad greasy. Secure with a little hairspray to make sure they stay put all day.
  16. As an overnight lash treatment
    If you don’t know this already, you do now. Your lashes take a harsh beating from mascara, even if it isn’t waterproof. It often leaves them dry, brittle and prone to falling. Give your lashes an intense conditioning treatment by dipping a spoolie (or your finger) in a little Vaseline and rubbing them on to your lashes from the top and then the bottom like you would mascara. Trust me, this one’s a long-term plan you should adopt right now – nothing less cute than a bald eye.
  17. To moisten a dry lipstick
    I don’t know about you, but like the rest of the world, I’m obsessed with liquid lipsticks at the moment. Problem is, no matter what brand I tend to try, they are all very drying on my lips. All I do is dab a little bit of Vaseline on them after I apply the liquid lipstick but before it dries entirely on my lips, and somehow, this tends to seal in some moisture that keeps my lips soft all day.
  18. As a post-shaving treatment
    After I shave, my shins, knees and elbows tend to get very dry. So after I slather on my regular moisturizer, I go back in with some Vaseline on these dry zones to make sure they stay hydrated and that the area doesn’t get irriatted due to the dryness. Works like a charm!
  19. As a foot masque
    Sometimes, even an at-home pedicure is a luxury I can’t afford as my days are long and I don’t always have the time or patience to spend ages to soaking my feet and sloughing off dead skin. Instead, my little hack to making sure my feet look and feel great between pedicures is to slather on a thick layer of Vaseline right before bed and then cover my feet up with some thick socks. The next morning, I quickly go over them with a foot file in the shower and my feet are baby smooth for the next few days. Try it!
  20. As a fashion aid
    Beauty hacks aside, Vaseline is great for helping with accessories, too. I use a little Vaseline and some cotton wool to help shine worn out looking shoes and bags and often use it to help slide on tight bangles or slide in earrings when I haven’t worn them in a while. It never lets me down.
    .Have you got any secret beauty hacks with Vaseline? I’d be happy to add them to this post if you do, so share them with me in the comment box below or on social media. I’m ‘bombaybubble’ on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. See you at the next post!

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