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Its been about a year and a half since I moved to the UK and after a fair few stumbles and a lot of pushing myself, I’ve been trying things I’ve never experienced before and overcoming each of my irrational fears one by one. With an apartment I’m in love with in a neighbourhood that makes me happy every time I walk down its pretty streets, a few select friends I can actually trust and open up to and a cafe and neighbourhood shop that actually know my name, Manchester is slowly but surely beginning to feel less like a dream and more like home.


I feel a certain sense of pride when I’m able to find my way around certain parts of the city without Google maps and friendly strangers, when I can give friends advice on which restaurants to go to and, more importantly, when I can give them advice on where to shop!


I absolutely love shopping online. So after a lot of searching (and a lot of shopping!) I’ve found a few lesser-known online brands (because everybody and their third cousin shops at ASOS) from the UK that hit the nail on the head for me every single time. I know that no matter what the occasion, sartorially, they’d have my back.


These stores are on-trend, stock a variety of sizes, are pocket-friendly, deliver quickly and offer free returns. They may not all deliver internationally yet, but they’re worth bookmarking for when you’re traveling to the UK / around Europe or if you have friends or family generous enough to carry you some goodies back to your part of the world. So shop now, thank me later!


{OUTFIT DETAILS} Trousers: ASOS | Bodysuit: Boohoo | Bag: Bought in Manila | Bomber Jacket: SM Makati, Manila | Shoes and baseball cap: Adidas | Sunglasses: Miu Miu


[/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last]

Price Range: £10 – £50

It may be one of the most popular websites in the UK, but not a lot of people outside the UK seem to have heard of it. One of my all-time favourites, I know I can head to Boohoo to find anything I’m looking for from edgy denim culottes to wear to a  fashion event, to a flirty top to wear on holiday to a glamorous dress for a wedding.


Their collection is seriously vast so there’s always something for everyone. Oh, and their award-winning plus size section looks like heaven for people size 16 and over. They’ve recently had pop-up stores in New York, L.A and Paris to expand to international markets, so they’re definitely one to watch!


.Price Range: £10 – 50

Very similar to Boohoo, Missguided is where I head for sexier pieces to wear on nights out, although they have an amazing selection of bodysuits, embroidered bomber jackets, jumpsuits and, well, pretty much everything else fashion-related under the sun.

.Price Range: £10 – £40

Similar to the others in terms of the items they sell, PrettyLittleThing manufactures all their own clothes, with over 80% of the clothes being made in the UK itself. You’ll find everything you need from 90’s necklines to halter tops, duster coats, kimonos and jeans. You name it, they’ve got it.


.Price Range: £15-£40

InTheStyle’s USP is that they pick British reality TV stars with a unique sense of style and a fashion-conscious following and collaborate with them on exclusive fashion lines, so that their fans can achieve their style on a budget. If you love reality TV, you’ll find that stars from Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex, the UK’s biggest reality shows, have a collection with InThe Style, offering cute playsuits, lace dresses and flirty tops you’ll often find them sporting on the show.

Price Range: £10 – 40

Okay I’ll be honest. Whilst writing this article, I opened the Select website, noticed they were having a sale and may have filled up my shopping cart with a load of adorable tops, jackets and other things I didn’t need but want more than anything. I’ll be honest, I first took notice of them when they started sponsoring The Only Way Is Essex (I’m a reality TV fiend) and some of the stars on the show started wearing some really cute outfits. I bought a top and a dress a couple of weeks ago that I am very happy with and will definitely be shopping there again. I fact, I kinda just did. They also have brick and mortar stores, if that’s more your thing.

Price Range: £10-£50

I was at a bar and complimented a girl’s shirt when I discovered AX Paris. I’d have to say that their strong point is definitely their dresses. Whether you need one to wear to a business meeting,  a rock concert at a grungy bar or a day at the races, they have all bases covered. They also have a great selection of everyday / going out tops. A fab place to start building a wardrobe on a budget. PS you can also pop in to one of their brick and mortar shops on the high street.

Price Range: £5

Yes, you heard right. EVERYTHING really is only £5 on this site! Its like sale season all year round! I don’t know how they do it or where they source their clothes from, but a lot of their stuff is very on trend and fairly decent quality. Their products cater to match every taste and they even have a plus size section. If you think its too good to be true, check out their FAQ section to have your questions answered. While you’re doing that, I’m going to help myself to this perfect holiday blouse, this striped peplum dress, this studded top, this indie floral slip dress and these army boots sans any guilt whatsoever, K? Thanks. Bye.

Price Range: £20 – £45

Ego is your one-stop shop for all the hottest shoe trends of the season. Whether its a pair of thigh high boots you covet, perspex heels you’re lusting after or fur slides you’ve been dropping hints to your S.O about for ages now, they have it all! I recently bought a pair of Gucci Marmont inspired gold block heel loafers from them after being inspired by Alexa Chung at some fashion week or the other. I’m still deciding whether the best part of the purchase was all the compliments I got when I wore them, the fact that they were only £25 or that they were super comfortable to walk around in all day! They also have brick and mortar shops, if you’re interested.

Want to treat yourself and update your wardrobe every month on a budget? Head on over to Justfab. Fill out a little questionnaire about your style, and each month, Justfab will curate some fabulous shoes, bags and even clothes for you based on your answers. In fact, the monthly £35 you pay if you are a member, usually covers items a lot higher in value. By signing up, if you don’t like the items they have for you to pick from that month, you can choose to skip that month by the 5th, or on the 6th, they deduct £35 from your credit card like they normally would, but instead, it gets stored on the site in the form of store credit – that you can redeem whenever you like! Its a bit different from the norm, but its an idea I’m definitely into!

{PHOTOGRAPHY} Sabina Sher of Fashernably Late

Price Range: £15 – £100

And lastly, I thought I may as well throw it in there in case you were living under a rock. Free worldwide delivery, a vast range of clothes and brands, fabulous plus size range, always bang on-trend and has something for everyone. The list would be incomplete without it!


Have I missed out your favourite store? Share it with me or tell me how you feel about the ones I listed above by leaving me a comment in the box below, or chatting to me on social media. I am ‘bombaybubble’ on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. See you at the next post!



  1. September 2, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    I’m not a huge fan of online shopping unless I know my size somewhere! Love your outfit though 🙂

  2. Katya Willems
    September 3, 2016 / 11:22 am

    Hi – apart from Asos and I hadn’t heard of any of these – so thanks for the informative run down!

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