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{OUTFIT DETAILS} Top: Zara | Skirt: Colaba, Mumbai (similar here and here) | Bag: Forever21 | Shoes: Ego Shoes | Earrings: H&M


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Anyone who knows me will back me up when I say that I celebrate everything. My wine fridge is always generously stocked with Prosecco at all times, I have my favourite local cake shops on speed dial and am always the first to send out a text on the group chat letting my friends when it is National Lipstick Day, Donut Day, Kissing Day or Puppy Day so we can plan the festivities accordingly.


So when Swimwear365 sent me an invitation to their National Bikini Day celebrations, I just had to RSVP “Yes”. A rooftop barbecue sounded like the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of summer, and the event felt even more special since it was on the rooftop of the Great John Street Hotel, where James and I had our wedding reception!


I arrived, was handed a cocktail and was taken through all of the to-die-for swimwear they had in stock for this season (my favourites are this palm print number and this little shaded gem) with themes ranging from tropical to monochrome to ombre. As I helped myself to a generous portion of food, I bumped into the lovely Sabina from Fashernably Late and Cyndi from Article21, and we discussed all things blogging between mouthfuls of burgers and salads and sips of prosecco.


One of the coolest things about the evening was that BeyoncĂ© was performing in Manchester that evening, so we could loudly and clearly hear Queen Bey herself not too far away from us – it was like our own little private concert!


I left with one of the largest, heaviest, most generous gift bags I’d ever received – packed to the brim with summer essentials like bronzing lotion, a beach towel, the perfect nude lipstick and loads of other gorgeous makeup and beauty products to have me beach-ready for my holidays to Ireland in August, Portugal in September and Goa in November. I can’t wait!










Untitled-2Check out Swimwear365 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some fab pieces for your next beach holiday.


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