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Raise your hand if, like me, you go through periods when you just can’t stand the thought of makeup on your face, a hot tool near your hair or jewellery touching your skin. I love dressing up a much as the next girl, but find it almost vital to go through ‘detox’ periods, especially after a month with a particularly active social calendar.


However, it isn’t long till a detox period snowballs into a full-blown slump, and the problem with a slump is that you often don’t realize it until you’re in the thick of one. I noticed last month that I wasn’t reaching for my jewellery at all and skipped even the daintiest of midi rings and pendants when I was heading out the door. I mean, why bother when its going to be hidden under a coat anyway, right?


Well, not quite. Luckily, an intervention arrived all the way from India in the form of this gorgeous Dylanlex inspired piece by Baublelove. I don’t usually wear a lot of silver, but in the summertime, offset against fresh whites and icy blues, it feels so right.


The only downside? It jump started my jewellery addiction again and I haven’t been able to stop buying baubles since! *awkward monkey emoji*. If you visit their website, you’ll see what I mean – you’ll want e v e r y t h i n g. You’ve been warned! Have a sparkly weekend! I know I will!


{OUTFIT DETAILS} Jeans and jacket: Primark | Shirt: Boohoo | Shoes: Peacocks | Necklace: Baublelove | Watch: Larsson and Jennings | Bag: New Look | Sunglasses: Miu Miu


{PHOTOGRAPHY} Kallina Boshkanova











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