The Perfect Valentino Dupes


I don’t know about you, but every time I scroll through my Instagram feed, each and every one of my favourite bloggers / social media influencers seems to own a pair (or multiple pairs) of Valentino Rockstud shoes. Throwing it wayyy back to Autumn / Winter 2010, the scrumptious shoe made its debut during a power walk down the runway, skyrocketing to stalwart status shortly after. Fast forward six years and the world is still lusting after the shoe that goes perfectly with everything, dressing up the simplest jeans-and-tee look with a touch of sophistication and edge.


While some prefer the slingback stiletto version, some, like me, lean more towards the flats. And since I can’t quite afford my own pair yet (saving up has never really been my thing), I found almost an exact dupe that did the trick and didn’t leave me surviving on a diet of corn flakes and instant noodles for three months.


Since I’ve been getting a few requests ever since I posted a picture of my pair to Snapchat, I thought I’d scour the internet for a few more dupes you could score on the sly. Read on. You know you want to.


Kaleidoscope (£75 0r 7500)

This is where I found my pair whilst working on a collaboration with them last year. They also do a stiletto version here. Kaleidoscope does not ship internationally and they don’t have a store on the high street. So if you live overseas, your best bet would be to order them online and have them sent to a friend in the UK, or order a pair a 2-3 days before you travel to the UK.


Dune (£70 or 7000)

Order them from ASOS for free worldwide delivery. However, if they happen to be sold out, try (stiletto version here but no international shipping) or House Of Fraser (who also stock a stiletto version and offer chargeable international shipping).


Topshop (£56 or 5600)

They do two gorgeous versions – nude and black and offer chargeable international delivery. However, you could get free international delivery if you buy both pairs (or basically spend £100 and over).


Zara (£40 or 4000)

Straying a little bit away with this pair. They’re somewhat similar but still quite different. Zara does not appear to ship internationally, but you could always try out the Boderlinx service to have it shipped to you, wherever in the world you may be.


Charles and Keith (£39 or 3900)

This pair is very similar to the ballet flat version of the rockstud shoe, sans T-bar straps. It is also available in nude and the brand offers chargeable international shipping.


Happy strutting!


PS, just for the record, these shoes are only dupes, which mean they are similar to and heavily inspired by the Valentino shoes. They are in no way claiming to be Valentino merchandise, and I would never promote the purchase of counterfeit designer goods. Fakes are not chic.


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