Paris Through My Lens (Part 2)

Paris Through My Lens (Part 2)



Its been a little while since the last post in the Paris series, but James and I have been back in Bombay soaking in the sunshine and shopping up a storm and decided to steer clear of everything work related until he left. However, after taking a little time to relax from our last month of constant traveling, I managed to take a little time out to work on Day 2 of what we got up to in beautiful Paree. Here’s where we left off:







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On the morning of our second day in Paris, we rose early, showered, dressed and made our way to the George V station for our very first Parisian metro ride! We took the metro to Montmarte where we ate baguettes to go for breakfast and took the cable car up to the Sacre Coeur. I know that it was a very steep ride uphill, but for some reason, I didn’t think too much of the view at the top. Which was why when I got there and happened to turn around, I was caught completely off guard by just how spectacular the view was, and found myself getting all teary again – it literally took my breath away.


Thirsty for more, we decided to climb to the very top of the Sacre Coeur to soak up some panoramic views of Paris. However, even though we knew the 300+ stairs would be a workout, I wasn’t prepared for how narrow, stuffy and closed-off the staircase was. I tend to have a mild fear of tiny, cramped spaces so I was in a state of quiet panic. My legs felt fairly shaky but James kept me strong and pulled me along.


This really isn’t for everyone. I wouldn’t attempt it if you tend to feel faint or dizzy, suffer from claustrophobia, heart conditions, etc. I ended up giving my bottle of water away to a girl who looked so ill in there, all the colour had drained from her face and I’m not sure she even made it to the top.


When we did get to the top, however, we were treated to yet another breathtaking view of all of Paris spread out in front of us with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. It was such an incredible experience, it made the trek completely worth it.


However, when we got back downstairs and were exiting the main area with the steps in front of the Sacre Coeur, we were practically assaulted by one of the large, rude, illegal bracelet vendors who sell in the area. He was verbally abusive and was pushing up against the two of us while we were walking down the stairs, almost cornering us to the wall till the point I had to put by hand out to form a barrier between us and him. After a few harsh words exchanged with James, we finally escaped.


This is a common occurrence apparently, with people writing about similar experiences on TripAdvisor and other websites. So if you do visit the Sacre Coeur, be careful and avoid anyone selling what looks like a cloth / canvas / bracelet. We were also approached by other famous Parisian scams like the ring scam, the deaf and mute petition girls, the ball and cup scam and a ‘homeless lady’ in nice clothes and red lipstick on a train who left little cards asking for money saying she has no job or no money to feed her children.


Scams aside, we recovered fairly quickly and took the metro to our next top of the day – the beautiful Notre-Dame. It was so surreal to be there, I could almost imagine Quasimodo lurking in the shadows cast by the stained glass windows or peering out from behind the massive organ. It was spooky, but amazing and even though we didn’t get any pictures from inside out of respect to the fact that it was a house of God, the feeling of being in there will never leave me and the picture will stay etched in my brain forever.


After the Notre-Dame, we decided to stop for a late lunch (crêpes again – we were addicted!) and a little browse around some of the local shops in the area where I bought a Parisian varsity jacket I am totally in love with (check the next post to see me wearing it!).


We ended the day with a little walk around the area surrounding the Centre Georges Pompidou. We didn’t go inside as the queue was enormous and we were fairly tired, so we stopped to admire some of the graffiti and street art installations before heading back to our hotel for a rest.


After a nap and a shower (as you can see, we have our own little routine!) we braved the chilly Parisian rain and walked to the amazing Hero restaurant for dinner and drinks. We chowed down on what can only be described as the best calamari I’ve ever tasted, washed it down with chapagne and then topped it up with their famous lemon chicken which was absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend you try it!


We then found a little Cuban bar on a side street off the Champs Elysees which seemed very popuar with the locals and parked ourselves there for cocktails and a healthy dose of people-watching before heading back to our hotel to prepare for the next day.


Be sure to read everything we got up to on Day Three in Paris in the next blog post! À bientôt!









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