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You may or may not have noticed, but I don’t really wear a lot of jeans in my blog posts. In fact, after a copious amount of scrolling back through older posts, I’ve realized that the last time I wore a pair of jeans in a blog post was about two years ago! Which is bizzare, don’t you think, given the fact that we all wear jeans on a daily basis?



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The truth is, I have a confession. I barely ever wear jeans because I’ve never had a pair that fits just right. If you think finding the perfect man is difficult, try finding the perfect pair of jeans! I lucked out when after years of searching, I found a boy who ticked my every box. However, when it came to my jeans, I wasn’t nearly as lucky.


You see, being a curvy girl with an hourglass shape, jeans just never seemed to hug my body right. They’d always gape at the back, slide too far down on my waist and be tight on my hips, which is why when the jegging trend hit, I was an instant convert.


I’ve always believed that a good pair of jeans are the building blocks to any woman’s wardrobe. Which is why I’ve splashed out a bit on pricy brands in the past, hoping for the perfect fit. Sadly, none of them really ticked all my boxes. The boxes being (a) Super stretchy so that I can do just about anything in them (b) High waisted to keep all my curves in check and create a great shape (c) Narrow at the ankle for a streamlined look (d) An array of colours, textures and fading to choose from (e) Great quality without breaking the bank


I was just as close to giving up as a girl could get, when I struck denim gold. The pair that ticked my every box was just down the street at my local ASDA store! Stretchy, versatile, high-waisted and budget friendly, I’m now back to wearing jeans 24/7.


In fact, I am so in love with these grey and white pairs, that I took them with me on our Tinderversary weekend where I paired them up and down with different accessories depending on the occasion – cute sandals and a hat for exploring the cathedral and eating lunch in Durham, with heels and sequins on a dressy night out in Newcastle, with trainers and a t-shirt for sightseeing in Tynemouth and with a sheer shirt, oversized coat and flats for hitting up quaint little coffee spots in Windermere.


If you’ve had your own love-hate relationship with denim, find your soulmate and live happily ever after by checking out George at ASDA’s Wonderfit Jeans here. (And if its a more human soulmate you seek, James and I recommend Tinder!)





{OUTFIT DETAILS} Jeans: George at ASDA | Tshirt: ASDA | Sleeveless Shirt: Hill Road | Bag: The Big C | Hat: Primark | Sandals: George at ASDA | Watch: Larsson and Jennings




FullSizeRender(1){OUTFIT DETAILS} Jeans: George at ASDA | Shirt: ASDA | Coat: Primark | Shoes: New Look | Bag: The Big C | Belt: Primark | Watch: Daniel Wellington


*This post has been sponsored by George at ASDA, however, all opinions are entirely my own. Read more about how I keep my integrity while partnering with brands by scrolling down to the ‘You Must Probably Know’ section on this page.


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