A Weekend In Newcastle

A Weekend In Newcastle


How time flies. The past two years have gone by at warp speed, but it only feels like a few months ago that I met my wonderful husband, James on Tinder. (you can read the whole story of how we met here).


We’ve been through so much together in the past two years – being separated by thousands of miles and not being able to see each other for months at a time, adapting to each other’s cultures, countries and families, applying for two massive stressful residency visas, planning a wedding long-distance and decorating our first home the same way, starting our family with our little puppy, Poppy and dealing with your usual first-year-of-marriage hiccups.


Luckily, we’re still going strong and there’s no better feeling in the world than waking up next to somebody who makes your heart flutter every morning. We decided to celebrate two years since the dating app brought us together, by taking a road trip in James’ new car up to the city of Newcastle, where he went to university.


When our friends at Travelodge UK heard about our little trip, they were so excited and supportive, they decided to put us up in their hotel in Gateshead, Newcastle for the entire weekend! This was fantastic as it was great having a base within the city where we could just relax in between bouts of sightseeing and get a great night’s sleep at the end of a long day. Our little home away from home was fairly large and inviting, super clean, covered all the bases (breakfast, super comfy king size bed, hot shower, tea/coffee-making facilities, tv for late night movies and plenty of place to spread out).


Without a care in the world now we had a great base to stay in and our belongings (*ahem* my makeup) were safe, we headed out to experience everything Newcastle had to offer. Here’s how it all went down:





IMG_9400 copy

IMG_9401 copy


Photography: James Moore, Anushka Moore

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We arrived in Newcastle at about 4pm on Friday the 17th and after leaving our bags at the hotel, drove a short distance to the center of the city where James showed me a few iconic landmarks, streets and his university buildings before we settled in to a little cafe for a latte and a peppermint tea. From there, we walked through an indoor market and a beautiful old shopping arcade to get to the high street for a few little last minute impulse purchases.


We then went back to the hotel and changed into dressy casuals before getting a taxi back to the city to hit up Coop Chicken House, an amazing restaurant James discovered, for dinner. The food was so good, I demolished it as if I’d never eaten before. James now refers to me as a human cement mixer, but I don’t care! After dinner (frankly quite surprised I could move) we walked around the quay hand-in-hand and took in the beautiful Millennium Bridge in all its lit-up glory. We then walked to the trendy Pitcher and Piano bar by the quay for drinks.


The next morning, we awoke bright and early to exchange our Tinderversary presents. I got him a large bottle of Chanel Allure Homme Sport and a M&S sweater, while he got me a gold iPad mini which I am just over-the-moon about! We then showered, dressed and headed out for the day. Our first stop – the lovely, leafy little borough of Jesmond where James lived as a student for four years during university.


We drove around, him showing me all the houses he lived in before stopping outside what was once the sandwich shop he and his friends frequented after a night out. It was now replaced by a gorgeous little cafe called Arlo where we settled down for waffles, a traditional English breakfast and my latest obsession – a chai latte (better late than never, but I now understand what all the fuss is about – you NEED to try one!)


After breakfast, we drove to the city center again where we had read there was a little market on by the quaysie. After exploring the market and stopping to buy some macarons, we walked over the bridge to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art where we took in the works of Hannah Collins and Fiona Tan before heading to the viewing platform at the top of the gallery to look at the breathtaking views of Newcastle from up above. Art, indeed.


To continue our action-packed day, we then drove outside the city to a very hush-hush Barbour factory outlet that only a few people knew about. After a little browse, we took off again. This time for the gorgeous little beach side town of Tynemouth a little outside Newcastle. After walking along the beach for a bit and imagining ourselves living in the posh homes that dotted the Tynemouth coast, we were in the mood to soak in a little history, so we visited the Tynemouth castle – a ruined medieval priory and WWII fortress, complete with gun battery and creepy old cemetery by the sea.


All that walking made us hungry, so we stopped at a little fish and chip shop near the castle for lunch. It had been a long day and I had the flu, so we decided to head back to the hotel for a nap for a couple of hours before dinner.


After a little rest, a shower and changing into our finery, we took a cab back into the city for a fancy anniversary dinner at Cafe 21.  The food was out of this world and the decor and service were exceptional, too. Basically, it was the perfect way to end our Tinderversary.


The next morning, we bid our room at the Travelodge farewell we went back to Arlo for breakfast (yes, it was that nice!). Relaxed, revitalized and romance rekindled, we were ready to head back home and take on real life again. The weekend was absolutely perfect and I owe it all to all the care and love James put into researching it in such great detail to make sure we had the most amazing time. I couldn’t wait for our next adventure – who knew it would be that very day! Stay tuned! 😉


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