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I may be back in the UK, but I still haven’t recovered from my trip back home. While I wasn’t expecting my trip back to Bombay to be relaxing, I most definitely didn’t anticipate chaos, which is exactly what I was greeted with. Sadly, the crippling October heat didn’t do me or my mood any favours.


Its funny, and a lot of people seem to be in denial about the fact that while the rest of the world is gearing up for winter in knits, hats and boots in October, Bombay braces itself for one out of two of the hottest months in the year (the other being May).


Every movement feels like you’re trapped in quicksand, the smallest tasks tire you out five times faster than they normally would and your favourite outdoor bars and restaurants are banished from your ‘must visit’ list as soon as you experience your first day of 35 degree weather and all-consuming humidity.


I’m no expert at beating the heat (my usual method of dealing with the problem is to whine and complain about it to anyone who will listen), but I did manage to find a few easy ways of dealing with it before I got red in the face and almost fainted. Here’s how I survived October and lived to tell the tale:






{PHOTOGRAPHY} Askara Zagday at Yellow Pixel


{OUTFIT DETAILS} Dress: Oh Nine One (similar here and here) | Kimono: Peacocks | Bag: New Look bought at Oxfam (similar here) | Shoes: Peacocks | Necklace: Phantom Jewels | Sunglasses: Colaba (similar here) | Watch: Swatch | Bracelets: Hill Road (similar here) | Ring: Hill Road

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Change your hair

There’s nothing worse than really long hair just being everywhere when it’s really hot. If you’ve been meaning to get it chopped off like I did, then there’s no time like the present. If not, experiment with topknots, bubble braids and quirky ponytails (look for tutorials on Youtube). Anything to get your hair off your face and neck to let your skin breathe.


Adapt your beauty routine

Switch up your regular moisturzier for a cooling gel-based formula to keep your skin cool. A light weight lotion with SPF works wonders, too. Its all about protecting your skin from the sun while making sure you don’t weigh it down.


Pack appropriately

The beauty bag in your purse needs an update. Add a small pack of wet wipes that you can run over your face and neck and a little body mist / spray that will help bring your temperature down considerably. Also, hair clips and rubber bands to tie your hair back when the temperatures start to rise are always handy.


Layer light

Pack your blazers away for the next month or so. In fact, if you’re confident enough, skip an additional layer altogether. If you’re not, a kimono is your best friend. Usually in super light fabrics like thin cotton, breezy cutouts and lace, it keeps the heat from being trapped between layers, while expertly covering up everything you need it to. Did I mention kimonos just happen to go seamlessly with everything from shorts to dresses to jeans and jumpsuits? Might be worth bearing in mind.


Skip your blow dry

I know. Sounds crazy, right? But leaving home with clean just-washed hair that is just slightly wet / damp is one of the most refreshing, cooling feelings ever in the summer! Trust me!


Pick the right sunglasses

Steer clear of sunglasses with orange / yellow / brown based lenses that will only make things look and feel warmer (its all psychological). Instead, opt for shades of blue and grey that make things around you seem like they’re in the shade and thus, cooler.


Stay hydrated

I cannot stress enough how integral staying hydrated is to keeping your body temperature as low as possible in the summer. The more chilled beverages you drink, the cooler you feel from the inside out. Make sure you always have a bottle of water in your bag and guzzle it through the day. Unless, of course, it has turned warm and then won’t really be doing you any favours. In which case, just buy another bottle.


Pick your colours and silhouettes right

Whilst picking out your outfit for the day, try and steer clear of blacks, navies, browns, maroons and other jewel tones as dark colours tend to attract, absorb and trap heat from the rays of the sun. Stick to pastels, neutrals and brights instead. Also, the looser your clothes in this season, the better.


Try the vein trick

James taught this to me on our first date. We were outdoors in October and it was ridiculously hot. Just place the inside of your wrists (where your veins are) against the glass of a chilled beverage or run it under cold water for a few minutes. It cools your whole body down almost instantly!







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