RoadTrip To Amalfi and Ravello


Its been a while since my last post from our glorious honeymoon in sunny Italy. If you’ve been following along, you’ll probably already know all about our adventures in Sorrento and Naples.


My sweetheart of a husband, James planned the whole trip himself, and timed everything so perfectly that across the span of two weeks, we managed to squeeze in four day-long excursions and one weekend away, with more than enough time to relax and recover by the pool for a couple of days straight after.


One of our expeditions included renting a little Fiat 500, as one does in Italy, from Sorrento and driving an hour and a half along the absolutely breathtaking (but also terrifying!) Amalfi Coast road to the little towns of Amalfi and Ravello, stopping to marvel at the colourful miniature models of the towns people had created along the side of the road.



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Our first stop was Amalfi which looked as if it was placed perfectly by the sea, the bed of candy striped umbrellas with sunbathers lightly toasting underneath only adding to its beachside charm. As we walked into the main square of Amalfi, battling fellow tourists for an inch of space to stand in, we looked around and saw what looked like a stairway to heaven aka the stairway to the beautiful Amalfi Cathedral.


It was such a hot day that we didn’t feel particularly inclined to trek all the way to the top to visit the cathedral, but stayed as close to sea level as we could, stopping to browse around little shops selling beach-themed postcards, necklaces, scarves and swimsuit cover ups.


After finding the perfect cafe to rehydrate ourselves with a cool beverage as we soaked in the vibrant seaside scenery and watched the world go by, we popped in to the most darling little Gelato shop where their coffee gelato was just what the doctor ordered, and was devoured within a matter of seconds.


After a couple of hours experiencing Amalfi’s lovely, laid-back vibe and stopping for pictures ever so often, we decided to move on to the neighbouring town of Ravello, which couldn’t be more different from Amalfi if it tried.


Only a twenty minute drive from Amalfi, Ravello was perched atop a hill and after seriously [/one_fourth_last]

doubting whether we’d make it through the seemingly treachorous drive and suddenly beginning to believe in a higher power, we arrived and were instantly greeted by the most stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and the little towns built on the hills dotted around the Amalfi Coast.


We began our short walk around Ravello by exploring some beautiful old stone buildings and walking down a little alleyway with shops selling ceramics, which Ravello happens to be famous for. After being handed a flyer by a store owner about the Ravello Festival which happens that time of year featuring live performances by renowned Italian musicians and art shows displaying some fantastic talent, we felt a little sad we couldn’t attend it this year, but vowed to go back and experience it sometime in the future.


Feeling a little parched shortly after (we’re not weird, it was 37 degrees in Italy at the time!) we parked ourselves in another little cafe for lemon sodas before walking back to the car chatting animatedly about everything we had seen and sharing pictures as we did. Another day, another wonderful Italian excursion. Next up – celebrity favourite, Positano! Stay tuned!













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