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There was a time not too long ago when the very essence of my style was the art of ‘excessorizing’. Every piece of jewellery I owned seemed to be superseded by the word ‘statement’ and was larger than life, in your face and a lot more bold than beautiful. Think gigantic cocktail rings and bib necklaces, boyfriend watches and Beyonce-esque hoops.
.Lately, however, I’ve experienced a bit of a shift. The source of which remains a mystery, although I’m fairly certain it could have something to do with the fact that I’ve grown up and my style has evolved (or, more accurately, the influence of the A/W ’16 trend reports).
My mini jewellery metamorphosis has me reaching for delicate pendants, dainty little rings and barely-there bracelets that gently catch the light as they dangle ever-so-slightly between your collar bones, rest sweetly on your fingers and lightly caress your wrists. I like to refer to them as ‘feminine frosting’ since jewellery is to an outfit what frosting is to a cake – sweet, pretty and the first thing to catch one’s eye.
Subtle statement-makers are the epitome of femininity and grace and add just a touch of sparkle to an outfit, serving as a modern-day answer to the flirty wink of an eye. But the three things I love most about the minimalist jewellery trend have to be (a) They go with everything and are anything but boring (b) They stack up easily in my jewellery box, making getting dressed in the mornings a breeze and (c) They perfectly compliment each other and never overpower the twinkle of my wedding and engagement rings!
If you’re not sure how to detox your jewellery box from the massive jumble of look-at-me pieces we’ve all worn throughout the years and downsize your go-to pieces for a more streamlined approach to bling, take these tips on board for a smoother transition:




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1. Get inspired
Everyone who’s anyone is rocking feminine frosting. Stalk the feeds of your favourite bloggers and street style stars on Instagram, head on over to Pinterest for styling ideas or check out my curated collection of feminine frosting on the Shopo app for a little inspo to get you in the mood for a jewellery overhaul.


2. Find a middle ground
If you’re finding it hard to jump into the uncharted waters of mini baubles after years of maxi bling, find a middle ground you’re comfortable with before you move on to tinier pastures.


3. Pick a predominant metal
If, like me, gold-coloured jewellery is your thing, stick with it. Similarly with silver and rose gold. Hitting refresh on your jewellery obsession always works best with a degree of comfort. So don’t be overzealous, jump all in and buy all three colours or anything with pearl or rhinestone details to start with. You’ll just be overwhelmed by the choices in front of you and either end up mixing them all, or not wearing them at all.


4. Layer different lengths
Miss your massive statement necklace? I feel your pain. But since you’re trying something new, why not be a little risqué and layer 2-3 delicate necklaces of different lengths? They’d pack as much of a punch as a massive necklace without weighing you down, believe me.


5. It’s a party and everyone’s invited
Don’t believe me? Just type the hashtags #armparty or #ringparty into Instagram and feast your eyes on the thousands of pictures that show up. The reason so many people love the trend is because its easy and chic!


6. Borrow from The Boss
And by ‘the boss’ I mean your mother (because who are we kidding? All our mothers are our bosses). Our very own moms have been wearing dainty rings, pendants and pearl earrings for years. But you didn’t notice, did you? You were too busy being a rebel. Now go eat humble pie and ask to borrow from her jewellery box. Chances are, its full of gorgeous vintage-style miniature trinkets for you to choose from, and maybe even keep a favourite as your very own signature piece that’ll make you feel close to her now that you’re all grown up.


7. Download the Shopo app by Snapdeal
Head on over to the app store and download this amazing new app onto your phone (iPhone or Android). As one of their official #ShopoAngels, I’ve curated a collection of my favourite dainty pieces of jewellery which you can buy directly from the sellers on the app at super pocket-friendly prices. You can also register to be a part of the #ShopoAngels program – all you


have to do is curate your own collection on the app and get featured on its home page! Oh, and in case you didn’t know, you can also use the app sell things. So if you’d like to give your wardrobe a detox and sell a few items or if you’ve always dreamed of starting your own business, this just might be the perfect platform for you to get started.


So head on over to the app, curate your own collection of fabulous jewellery, clothes or anything else and don’t forget to share your collection with me, one #ShopoAngel to another!



{OUTFIT DETAILS} Top: Vero Moda at Jabong (similar here and here) | Jeans: Primark (similar here)| Shoes and artificial jewellery: Hill Road


{PHOTOGRAPHY} Askara at Yellow Pixel


.* This post has been sponsored by Snapdeal, however, all opinions are entirely my own. Read more about how I keep my integrity while partnering with brands by scrolling down to the ‘You Must Probably Know’ section on this page.


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