Holiday Hack: How To Be Ready In 10mins

Holiday Hack: How To Be Ready In 10mins


Ah, holidays. A time for rest and relaxation, when sightseeing or spending the day on a beach towel takes priority over everything except chilled drinks and ice cream. Messy hair, ruddy cheeks, bronzed skin and freckles become your beauty statement and reign supreme over the perfect blowout, painted-on pout and perfectly even winged eyeliner you wear on a regular work day – unless you’re on holiday with a fashion girl.


When you’re a deadly combination of a fashion girl and a beauty junkie like yours truly, traveling light is never an option. Neither is waking up and heading to the beach after a quick shower and a just-as-speedy breakfast. No. You see, ‘low maintenance’ isn’t a phrase in the self-confessed glamazon’s vocabulary. We like to plan the perfect vacation outfits down to a tee, carry all of our different hair tools and products in case of ’emergencies’ and spend an hour every morning making sure we have the perfect beach waves, bronzed limbs and glowy cheeks down pat, no matter how early we need to wake up to do it, how much excess baggage we need to pay for or who we annoy with the noise of the blow dryer.



{OUTFIT DETAILS} Dress: Hill Road (similar here) | Jacket: eBay (similar here) | Bag: New Look (similar here)| Hat: Portobello Road (similar here)| Sandals: Primark (similar here) | Sunglasses: Prada | Bracelet: The Snob Shop | Necklace: Vero Moda (similar here)



[/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last]

A few days in to our honeymoon, I could tell it was starting to stress James out a little (like it would any man), and so I decided to give him a ‘day pass’, which basically involved being absolved of my heavy-duty morning beautification routine. I didn’t bother setting an alarm that morning and instead, woke up an hour later than usual and after a quick shower, kept things to a bare minimum:


Hair: Since it was still wavy from the day before, I tied it in a bun and spritzed it with some hairspray so it set while I did my makeup.


Makeup: Sunblock, a nude lipstick and a little lip balm. It was the barest I’d ever gone in public, but it felt strangely liberating.


Outfit: I quickly picked out a breezy maxi dress since it was zero fuss, and topped it with the only jacket and sandals I had to match.


Accessories: The sunglasses concealed my absolutely bare eyes and the hat covered up any frizzy flyways and second-day roots. The beach bag was convenient since it had all my essentials in it from the previous day and the necklace and ring were the first pieces I saw in my jewellery pouch.


We made it on time for our hotel breakfast and went on to have a long and relaxed day, with me being just a little more carefree than usual.


What’s your ten minute morning beauty routine? Share it with me in the comments below!








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  1. September 1, 2015 / 4:51 pm

    Use of sunglasses- superb trick 😉

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