#OOTD Lemon Groves of Sorrento

#OOTD Lemon Groves of Sorrento


Three months, twenty seven days, eleven minutes and fifty six seconds is how long it took for us to plan and finally arrive at our dream honeymoon after our wedding. Late nights researching the perfect hotels, long conversations about the towns we wanted to visit, not to mention the hours of online shopping that I hoped would lead to the most immaculately curated honeymoon wardrobe of all time.


However, all that said and done, when we finally arrived in Italy, I realized that I had gotten it all wrong. No amount of research (or living in India for the past 25 years) could have prepared me for just how warm Italy in the summer actually was. I’m talking fry-an-egg-on-the-pavement hot. Sweat-through-your-sundress hot. Step-out-for-a-walk-and-die-of-dehydration hot. Run-back-to-the-hotel-for-a-shower-halfway-through-the-day hot. You get the picture.


[three_fourth] IMG_8890

{OUTFIT DETAILS} Dress: Stalk Buy Love | Kimono: Forever21 | Sandals: Primark (similar here) | Belt: Colaba (similar here) | Bag: New Look (similar here) | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses: Prada | Crystal Ring: Boohoo | Midi rings: The Snob Shop

[/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last]

And, when the temperatures rise (and refuse to fall, the stubborn little so and so’s) this die-hard jumpsuit and blazer fanatic had to retire her everyday staples and opt instead for a whole new range of warm-weather warriors to help her brave the wrath of the sun.


Enter the white midi dress (with pockets, because we’re utilitarian like that). This pristine, cool-as-a-cucumber little number saw me through discovering local lemon groves, walking along coast after colourful coast, several chic lunches and hiking to the top of hills to browse the best shops when the sun was at its hottest – without letting me break a sweat!

The best part? It looked great with structured blazers in the city, but blended perfectly with breezy, flowy little kimonos, shirts and swimsuit cover-ups along the towns and villages dotting the Amalfi coast. So all I had to do was lather, rinse, repeat as I kept the dress as a blank canvas but changed my cover-up from day to (every other) day, teaming it with my other holiday essentials – a white swim bag (that also housed my camera), some white sandals, a metallic belt, oversized sunglasses and lots of midi rings for a sprinkling of bling.


What’s your go-to holiday look? Share it with me in the comments below!




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