Featured – Femina Wedding Times

Featured – Femina Wedding Times







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A very organized me usually prints out a calendar at the start of every month to pin on our little notice board, with all the important dates and events that month neatly marked out, so nobody misses out on plans. This month, however, I realized that it has already been three months since our wedding day and there’s only a month to go till our honeymoon! It’s surreal how time flies.


Since we have settled comfortably back into our routine of chores, work, blogging, the gym, walking Poppy and spending weekends with family and friends, the fact that this massive, amazing, life-altering event happened in our lives only recently tends to get a little bit lost.


And while gearing up for our honeymoon and sharing the Wedding Day blog series with you guys has really helped keep the magic of the Big Day alive, being featured in the Femina Wedding Times this month has completely re-fuelled my excitement for the wedding by prolonging the fairytale and letting us enjoy this wonderful, warm, fuzzy, sparkly feeling a little bit longer.


For those of you who couldn’t catch the article in the Femina Wedding Times supplement that came with the Times Of India on the 1st of June, here’s a look at the whole story we were featured in. I wish I knew about all these fantastic apps when I was planning my wedding!


So if you or anyone you know is planning the biggest day of their lives, be sure so take the load off them by sharing the link to this article so they can make the most of social media and maybe even ditch their wedding planner!


Thanks to the lovely Lynn Lobo and everyone else at FWT for the feature! Don’t forget to click through to enlarge and zoom for a thorough read!


{PICTURE CREDITS} Our Wedding Photos: Everthine Photo | Cover Photos: Copyright Bombay Bubble | All Other Photos: Femina Wedding Times


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