Wedding Series Part 3 – Expect The Unexpected

Wedding Series Part 3 – Expect The Unexpected

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If you’ve been following my Wedding Series, you’ll know that I’ve taken you through every little part of my wedding day from the time I woke up that morning to get dressed, to when we said our vows and had our photo shoot on the streets of Manchester. However the next part of our day held a big surprise that makes me want to urge all brides to leave a little room for spontaneity on their big day! Read on to see what I mean.











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When we last left off, we had just finished our wedding photo shoot as newlyweds and were walking to our next venue – the gorgeous restaurant, ‘Gusto’ in Deansgate, Manchester where our friends and family were waiting to share an intimate lunch with us as husband and wife.


Gusto has always been our favourite restaurant as a couple (seriously, we have tried every single one of its kind in Northern England and know what food and drinks we want without having to look at a menu). And while we’ve loved every single one, the one in Deansgate was just more special because it was very glamorous with a great deal of old world charm. It looked straight out of a scene on Mad Men!


We were led through a little door to a gorgeous private dining room within the restaurant which seated only twelve people – perfect for our little party of ten. As we walked through the doors, all our friends and family cheered as we took our seats. A waiter then congratulated us and brought out the champagne, which we were only too eager to get started on and skipped the elaborate toast!


We chatted animatedly about each person’s experience at the ceremony, our hilarious antics during the photo shoot and the parts of each other’s day that we happened to be absent for as the wait staff brought out appetizers, mains and dessert to each person’s liking from the menu we chose, accompanied by a few more bottles of champagne, of course.

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Just as we were winding up our little luncheon, I looked over at my mom and noticed she was getting a bit emotional just taking everything in. She came over and gave me a hug and told me that I looked beautiful, that our wedding felt like a royal wedding to her and that this was the moment a mother waits for her whole life.


She then went on to say that I no longer belong to her, but to James, and so doesn’t have permission to shout at me anymore! (Which is very sweet, but a little untrue as she has done so and enjoyed it many times after! Believe me, some things will never change and your moms will still treat you like their babies even when you’re all grown up and settled down!)


Before we left, I huddled in the ladies room for a final few selfies with Nicola before we headed back to the hotel for a little break before the evening celebrations later.


I was just about to take off my dress (which was so heavy my arms hurt from holding it up whilst walking around all day!) and get into my pajamas when there was a knock on my door and an excited Eve burst through the door saying everyone was waiting for me outside and that I should hurry up and get ready for the big surprise!


At this point, I REALLY needed a nap, but refreshed my lipstick, perfume and hair before joining the others outside the hotel. Apparently, James’ brother Robert had spoken to the staff on the set of a tv show being filmed on the same street as our hotel, told them about the wedding and had managed to get us a private viewing of the set of Coronation Street – Britain’s most iconic television show!


Me not being from the UK and never having watched the show, didn’t really understand the gravity of the situation, but everyone else around me, James and his mom included, were ecstatic. The only way I could probably describe the show to you would be the British version of The Bold And The Beautiful, even though it’s been broadcasted since the 60s.


Our wedding day was beautiful and perfect than I could have ever dreamed of. But this added bonus really helped make the day just a tiny bit more special for James, and for that I will always be thankful.


The entire clan, led by a boderline cranky bride, then finally returned to our hotel rooms for a little rest and to get ready for the final part of our day – the part that required the most energy and excitement of all! Any guesses? Stay tuned for the last post in the wedding series coming up next week to see how we ended our big day!



Hair: Carl Gambrell | Makeup: Michel | Dress: Michelle Rodrigues | Bridal Bouquet: Flowercraft | Faux fur jacket: Boohoo (similar here) | Hotel: Great John St. Hotel, Manchester | Venue: Gusto (Deansgate), Coronation Street Set | Photography: Everthine Photo












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