The Genius Guide To Geek Chic Entertaining

The Genius Guide To Geek Chic Entertaining








One of the most common complaints I hear about from friends that have just gotten married or moved in together? The combining of each other’s things.


It always seems as if the boys have ratty furniture from university or superhero posters, action figures, videogames and sporting equipment from their ‘glory’ days (before we very nicely ‘helped’ them grow up and got no thanks for). What’s stranger is that they’re just so incredibly reluctant to part with it all!


Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with monstrous bachelor pad furniture, but poor James has to put up with my furry throws and floral cushions, smelly scented candles, coffee table books, massive clothes rack, dressing table, vintage Vogue pictures…I could go on but I’d be here all day.


From experience, I can tell that if we’re not careful, us girls get so used to having the final say when it comes to home decor, that it is easy for the boy’s personality get completely lost amidst a sea of diffusers and bejeweled picture frames. It isn’t really fair, is it?


We’re happy to admit, however, that we found a compromise. Little ornaments around the house that payed homage to who he was, where he was from and played up his boyish, slightly nerdy side, really infused our home with more personality and had it feeling a lot more ‘us’ than it did before.


James also recently told me about – a website that stocks infinitely cool products that appeal to us both. After a little browsing, we treated ourselves to the Shaken Chemist cocktail mixing kit – a nifty little mixing flask that looked like it was taken right out of the apparatus cupboard at your high school chemistry class.


It also came with a little notebook filled with cocktail recipes, so we had a blast (or shall I say a scientific explosion?) experimenting with mixing up different cocktails, and then invited our friends over for some geek chic entertaining – sampling our favourite drinks with dumplings over a Big Bang Theory marathon and a good game of Scrabble for dessert.


Now unless he remembers the Lego Death Star I got him for Christmas, our home decor situation seems like a balanced equation.


{DETAILS} Shaken Chemist Cocktail Mixing Kit: | Gold orb: Next | Glass Chess set: Charity Shop (similar here) | Radioactive Elements Coasters: | Photograph of Jodrell Bank Observatory: Taken by James | Reading glasses: Prescription (similar here)


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  1. Rhea
    April 24, 2015 / 1:54 am

    Loved this post and all the stuff you got looks so chic. Really like how you photographed it.

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