#BBxCM Party Looks for New Year’s Eve

#BBxCM Party Looks for New Year’s Eve



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Another wonderful year bites the dust. And as per tradition, when each year flies by I think back over the past twelve months to re-live all my favourite moments.


Topping this year’s list was getting engaged, getting my visa to move to the UK and be with James, adopting our sweet little Cotonoodle puppy, Poppy, teaching a course in fashion writing, quitting a job I was unhappy in to return to my passion; blogging, owning my very first designer bag, taking two absolutely glorious vacations, being thrown the most amazing bachelorette party by my best friends and curating a clothing line with Collezioni Moda.


While I normally stay home on New Year’s Eve and have a quiet little get-together with friends or watch old movies by myself, since this year has been particularly kind to me, I decided that it needs to be celebrated. Which is why James and I have decided to head down to London with friends to re-visit the restaurant he took me to on the night he proposed, and then watch the fireworks by the riverside as the clock strikes twelve.


Since this will be my first New Year’s Eve in London, and I need it to be extra special, I turned to my BBxCM line with Collezioni Moda for a smattering of lace, net, leather and animal prints – which on New Year’s is just what the doctor ordered.


Which one of these four looks is your favourite? You can shop the whole collection online on Stylesnazz.com or head on over to their stores in Juhu or Andheri (W) to pick up a stunning dress and browse through loads more, just in time for the 31st! Till then, I hope you all have an absolutely amazing NYE and make 2015 your chicest year ever!



Look 1: Drama Mama jumpsuit (black)

Look 2: Amor Amor dress (navy)

Look 3: Bombay By Night dress, #NoFilter Pleather Vest/Dress

Look 4: Party Sleep Repeat Skirt, Queen’s Necklace T-shirt


 Photography: Mehi Shah


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