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It doesn’t take more than just a quick glance to figure out what my beauty obsession is. And can you blame me? On a day when the world seems less than forgiving, a bright, cheerful lip really helps boost a girl’s spirits. Which is why, between you and me, most days all I put on my face is moisturizer and a swipe of colour on my mouth, and I’m ready for whatever the day throws my way.


When chosen with care, the right lippy can brighten up your skin tone, whiten your teeth, compliment your outfit, dramatically take your look from desk to dinner in a flash, or in my case, give me a boost of confidence that makes me feel like I can move mountains! Which is probably why studies suggest that the average woman has approximately five lipsticks in her beauty bag on a daily basis.


Not one to be outdone, cleaning out my purse last week resulted in me chancing upon a treasure trove of lipsticks, balms and glosses in mild to wild shades to suit my every mood!


Experimentation is key, and while not every colour suits every skintone, there is a shade in every colour family that is made just for you. All it takes is a little trial and error at a cosmetic store near you, which, let’s be honest, can hardly be considered a chore! Here are the shades every woman absolutely must try before she kicks the beauty bucket!


1. Red

The ultimate symbol of glam, red isn’t only a great option for a night out, but has made it’s way into daytime beauty for the long run. My favourite shades are ‘Scarlett Creme’ by L’Oreal, ‘Non Stop Red’ and ‘Pleasure Me Red’ by Maybelline and ‘Hot Hot Hot’ by Colorbar.


2. Electric Pink

Nothing screams ‘fun’ like a hot pink pout worth shouting bout! The go-to shades I stock my beauty drawer with at all times are ‘Pink Forever’ by L’Oreal, ‘Lickable’ by MAC and ‘Eternal Rose’ by Maybelline.


3. Subtle Pink

Perfect for the daytime or a first date, a subtle, feminine petal-tinted pout is a girl’s best friend. Keep one of these babies in your purse at all times: ‘Silky Pink’ by Maybelline, ‘Yum Bubblegum’ by Faces or ‘Cerise Pink’ by Oriflame.


4. Magenta

A quirky alternative to hot pink, this unusual colour packs quite a punch! ‘Magenta’ by Faces,  ‘Addictive Magenta’ by Colorbar and ‘Rock N Mauve’ by L’Oreal ought to do the trick.


5. Coral / Orange

Goes perfectly with a cinnamon tan, a coral lipstick is what I reach for when I head out on a beach vacation or spend the day by the pool. Here’s what you’ll need: ‘Juicy Papaya’ by Revlon, ‘Miss Coquelicot’ by Lancome or ‘Orange Tease’ by Lakme.


6. Nude

Nude lipstick is a tricky one! When worn right, it can balance out a smokey eye or perfect the ‘no makeup’ look. Get it wrong and it can make you ill and age even the freshest of faces. After lots of trial and error, the ones that worked best for me were ‘Naked Pink’ and ‘Irish Rose’ by Colorbar and ‘Buff’ by Maybelline.


7. Wine

How I love reaching for a deep, plum lip when the cooler months descend upon us. Reach for ‘Rebel’ by MAC, ‘Yummy Plummy’ by Colorbar or ‘Pink Romance’ by Lakme for a dose of drama.


8. An ‘I Would NEVER’ Shade

Here’s a challenge – sport an outlandish colour of lipstick and take to the streets just once. Be it a sweep of gold or a smudge of charcoal. I did it in black and lived to tell the tale!


Which shades of lipstick are you crushing on at the moment? Share them with me in the comments section!


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  1. November 28, 2017 / 11:59 am

    You are right because a bright, cheerful lip really helps boost a girl’s spirits. I also like the shades that you have mentioned such as red, electric pink, subtle pink, magenta, coral/orange, nude, wine, etc.

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