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{ orange bangle : colaba, zebra bangle : colaba, cobalt bangles : gift from rachel, leaf cuff : bought in dubai, polka dot bangle : candies bazaar, jeweled bangle : accessorize, blue and gold cuff : bought in dubai, teal bangle : colaba }

Photography : Parizad D

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Standing in front of a very full, very colourful closet, I realized recently that I don’t have a lot of chic comfortable clothes. And I mean a serious deficiency of snuggly fabrics and oversized silhouettes.

The few i did have, though, were so unappealing, I didn’t have the courage to wear them outside the confines of my bedroom. So what’s a girl to do whilst facing a dilemma? Excessorize, excessorize excessorize!
These rings were sent to over me as an early birthday present from the lovely people at Home Shop 18. Ever a fan of anything creepy, this little lizard (aka Elizabeth) is now a permanent feature on my finger whilst the bling bug ring is the latest additon to my insect collection.

If you’re a critter lover, I strongly suggest checking out their cocktail rings. How cool is this rooster?

Bisou bisou,


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  1. February 11, 2013 / 2:38 pm

    well, not everyone is a bug accessory lover.
    and wow! u carry it just so well.

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